Xilien Commander

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Xilien Commander
The Xilien Commander in Godzilla Final Wars
Species Xilien
Nationality Xilien
Affiliation Xiliens
Occupation Xilien leader
Related to Controller of Planet X (Apprentice)
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars
Played by Masatō Ibu
Do not confuse with the Controller of Planet X.

The Xilien Commander (X星人司令官,   Ekkusu Seijin Shirei-kan) is the initial leader of the Xiliens in the 2004 Godzilla film Godzilla Final Wars. He is eventually murdered and usurped by his subordinate, who subsequently assumes the title of Controller of Planet X.


The Xilien Commander is overall shown to be a good leader, putting the people's needs before his own. He could even be described as compassionate, as he wanted to take over the Earth in secrecy, with minimal destruction and death. It is possible that the Commander really did want to live in peace with the humans, and collect mitochondria in secret. He also warned his subordinate, the Controller of Planet X, that a man who let his life be driven by violence would eventually be destroyed by it.


Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

The Commander revealed himself to the people of Earth after the Xiliens teleported away all of the monsters attacking Earth's cities. The Commander claimed that he had come to Earth to save the planet from a runaway asteroid called Gorath that would soon collide with the planet and destroy it. Working together with the United Nations Secretary General, the Commander replaced the United Nations with a new organization called the "Space Nations." All was not as it seemed though, as the Xiliens had actually come to Earth to harvest the humans' mitochondria in order to survive, and were secretly capturing Earth's leaders and replacing them with disguised members of their race. The Commander's protege wanted to simply use their superior weaponry and the army of monsters at their disposal to bring humanity to its knees and enslave it. The Commander expressed a desire for peaceful methods, warning his protege that someone who let his life be ruled by violence would be destroyed by it. During an appearance on Anna Otonashi's live TV show alongside his apprentice and the Secretary General, the Commander was confronted by several members of the Earth Defense Force, who exposed the Xiliens' replacing of Earth leaders by shooting the Secretary General, causing his head to split open and revealing him as an Xilien impostor. The Commander tried to defuse the situation, but was shot and killed by his apprentice, who proclaimed himself as the Controller of Planet X.



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