Miyuki Otonashi

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Miyuki Otonashi
Miyuki Otonashi
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Biologist
Related to Anna Otonashi (Sister),
Shinichi Ozaki (Love interest)
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars
Played by Rei Kikukawa

Miyuki Otonashi (音無 美雪,   Otonashi Miyuki) is a biologist working for the U.N. in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla Final Wars. She is one of the members of the Gotengo's crew after the Mutants fall to the Xiliens.


Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

After the mummified corpse of the monster Gigan was found near Hokkaido, Miyuki was sent by the United Nations to investigate. After arriving with her flippant Mutant bodyguard Shinichi Ozaki, she learned that the monster was a cyborg, but was also 12,000 years old. Miyuki and the other scientists hypothesized that it might be alien in origin. Miyuki also noted that it had "M-Base", a term for the genetic basis of the "Mutant" classification, which made Miyuki joke to Ozaki that Gigan might be his ancestor. He was not amused. However, the two were then contacted by the Shobijin, who affirm that the monster Gigan was defeated by Mothra, and that Shinichi had the same evil that was in Gigan in him, but assured him that if he did not become like the monster, then Mothra would be his ally. The two then parted ways, but met up again on the roof of the JSDF headquarters after Aliens abducted all of Earth's monsters. There the Alien mothership returned the missing Secretary General of the United Nations. After the ensuing Xilien "fever" that swept the world, Shinichi remarked to Miyuki that he didn't believe the Xiliens were telling the truth, as they had arrived just after they found the space creature Gigan. Miyuki believed he had no proof, just before her sister the famous news reporter Anna Otonashi arrived with a disc showing that the Secretary General had stopped blinking since his return. The three then met the Secretary, who showed no recognition of Anna, who had interviewed him just before he disappeared. However, before he could walk away, a man attempted to kill him with a knife as he believed that he would bring ruin on the world. Miyuki offered him treatment, but he refused and walked on. Miyuki then ran tests on the blood and determined that the Secretary was a Xilien.

In the lab, they deduced that the alleged planetoid Gorath that the aliens had warned of was a hologram, and with their leaders replaced Ozaki fetched Captain Douglas Gordon from captivity. They then assembled a Mutant task force and used Miyuki as bait to draw out Xiliens by downloading secure files regarding the Secretary General, which proved successful, and saw Ozaki take a bullet for her. They then confronted the Xiliens on live TV, where the Controller of Planet X brought all of the Mutants in the room to their knees with a wave of his hand, except for Ozaki. He quickly attacked, but was defeated before the Controller disappeared. The Mutants then began to attack, and they were forced to leave a Commander behind to fend them off. They managed to escape, but were attacked by a mutant, and Ozaki left to pursue him on a motorbike. The team then went to the Gotengo's underground dock, where Gordon formulated a plan to release Godzilla from Area G to fight off the invasion. Miyuki waited in the briefing room, and wondered if she had wasted her life as a Biologist, but Ozaki came and gave her the Shobijin amulet and told her that she could decide who she was. Miyuki asked him why they fought when they had no chance, and he replied that it was his mission to protect her. They then began their assault on the Mothership, but just after drilling through the hull they were captured by the Xiliens. They watched as Godzilla and Mothra fought Gigan and Monster X before the Controller awoke Ozaki's Keizer Energy and he turned on his allies. Luckily, Miyuki was able to undo his transformation with the Shobijin amulet.

They began to fight the Xiliens hand to hand before they were saved by the people who were replaced by Xiliens on Earth, and they headed for the Gotengo while Ozaki stayed behind to battle the Controller. They made it back to the ship, where one of the crew injured his arm, forcing Miyuki to become the gunner. However, Ozaki quickly came and replaced her. He focused his Keizer Energy into the Gotengo's Maser cannon, which he fired at Godzilla to give the beast a power boost against Keizer Ghidorah. However, Godzilla turned around and shot the Gotengo out of the sky. As they exited the rubble, Minilla came and convinced his father to leave, which Ozaki remarked was the beginning of a new war.



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