Reiko Namikawa

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Reiko Namikawa
A Xilien posing as Reiko Namikawa in Godzilla Final Wars
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Age 54[1]
Affiliation Earth Defense Force
Occupation Commander
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars
Played by Kumi Mizuno
Reiko Namikawa: “You almost lost the ship back there. This time you won't be able to escape court martial.
Douglas Gordon: “Do you know what we just went through? I'll undergo your court martial or anything else you have, so just keep your mouth shut!
― Reiko Namikawa reprimands Captain Gordon (Godzilla Final Wars)

Reiko Namikawa (波川 玲子,   Namikawa Reiko) is the commander of the Earth Defense Force in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla Final Wars.


Reiko's surname is taken from the Xilien character Namikawa (波川) who appeared in Invasion of Astro-Monster, another more famous role of actress Kumi Mizuno.


Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

After narrowly defeating the monster Manda off the coast of Normandy, Gotengo captain Douglas Gordon was contacted by Reiko Namikawa, who scolded him for nearly destroying the ship.

Later, after Rodan appeared in New York City, Major General Kunikida informed Namikawa that the battleship Rumbling had been deployed to intercept him. Suddenly, Anguirus was sighted in Shanghai, China, and Namikawa ordered that the Karyu, another battleship, be dispatched. More monsters continued to crop up in major locations across the globe, sending the EDF into a panic. Just as soon as the monsters appeared, however, they began to vanish, seemingly eliminated by fleets of UFOs. Just then, a giant mothership appeared over the EDF headquarters. Battalions of troops rushed to the rooftop, prepared to fire on the craft, followed closely by Namikawa, Kunikida, and several others. A beam of light shone down from the ship, and out of it stepped UN Secretary-General Naotaro Daigo, who had gone missing after his plane was downed by Rodan over New York. Daigo explained that he was saved by a peaceful race of aliens, and believed they could be the key to opening up a new chapter in humanity's history. He, Namikawa and Kunikida were then beamed up into the ship and were greeted by the Commander of the Xiliens and his Staff Officer. The pair professed themselves as a friendly race of aliens from a distant galaxy who sought friendship with humanity, and claimed that they were the ones responsible for saving the Earth's cities from the rampaging monsters. When Namikawa asked their purpose for coming, the Commander activated a hologram which depicted the Earth being destroyed by a collision with another planet, which he explained as the rogue star Gorath; if humanity did not concentrate their firepower on the oncoming planet, it would spell their doom. Under this pretense, Daigo urged for the formation of the "Space Nations," an alliance between the United Nations and Xiliens.

As the world was left to cope with the realization that aliens were now among them, reporter Anna Otonashi became increasingly suspicious of Daigo and the Xiliens, realizing that in recordings of the former, he would never blink. Her suspicions were confirmed when, after a mysterious assassin managed to stab Daigo in the hand, a sample of his blood was examined and revealed him to be non-human. Ensign Shinichi Ozaki visited Namikawa in her office to inform her of this revelation; however, he soon realized that she, too, had been replaced by an Xilien imposter. As a press conference was being held by Daigo and the two Xilien leaders, Anna's sister Miyuki Otonashi sneaked into the EDF's data room to access confidential information on Daigo. However, she was soon confronted by the imposter Namikawa and another Xilien posing as Kunikida. As Namikawa told Miyuki she would have to be eliminated due to knowing too much, Captain Gordon and a group of Mutants revealed themselves to be standing nearby and gunned the aliens down.

Gordon crashed the conference holding one of the Xiliens' corpses, revealing their true form on live television. With the aliens' plans unraveling, the Xilien Staff Officer assassinated his superior, usurping his role as Commander and taking control of the invasion force. This culminated with the unleashing of the monsters that had previously attacked, which were in fact under the Xiliens' control. Gordon launched a plan to use the Gotengo to free Godzilla from the South Pole, believing him to be their last chance at survival. After leading Godzilla across the globe, picking off the aliens' pawns one by one, the Gotengo returned to Japan and pierced the Xilien Mothership's defenses, drilling itself into the ship's hull. The Gotengo's passengers were intercepted by the Xiliens, who killed most of its crew and brought the remainder onboard. A fight eventually broke out on the command deck, and was joined in on by the real Namikawa, Daigo and Kunikida who managed to escape their imprisonment. The group fought through Xilien forces as Ozaki was left to deal with the Controller. They eventually managed to escape back to the Gotengo just before the Mothership was destroyed. After Ozaki aided Godzilla in defeating Keizer Ghidorah, the King of the Monsters shot the Gotengo down, but spared its passengers at the insistence of Minilla. As Godzilla and Minilla departed into the sunset, Namikawa and the rest of humanity were left to rebuild society.


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