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The Karyu in Godzilla Final Wars
Subtitle(s) Airborne Battleship
(空中戦艦,   Kūchū Senkan)[1]
Height 30 meters[1]
Length 95 meters,[1]
120 meters (with blade)[1]
Weight 7,500 metric tons[1]
Targets Anguirus, Xilien Fighter
Piloted by Captain Li Xiang
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars

The Karyu (火龍,   Karyū, lit. Fire Dragon) is an aerial vehicle used by the Earth Defense Force that first appeared in the 2004 Godzilla film Godzilla Final Wars.


Godzilla Final Wars

The Karyu fires its laser at Anguirus in Godzilla Final Wars

The Karyu was dispatched to stop Anguirus' rampage in Shanghai, and fought him to a stalemate. Anguirus was eventually taken away by the Xiliens, but released again when their plans were uncovered. With Anguirus deployed to Shanghai once more, the Karyu arrived to fight him again, but this time had to contend with huge clouds of Xilien Fighters as well. While the Karyu managed to defend against the alien ships, it quickly began to sustain large amounts of damage to its engines, and caught fire. With the crew distracted, Anguirus launched himself at the Karyu, slamming it into the ground and destroying it in a huge explosion.



Karyu can fly.

Blade Maser

Can discharge a Blade Maser (ブレードメーサー,   Burēdo Mēsā) from its central cannon.[1]

Type 20 Anti-Monster Proton Missiles

Capable of firing eight heat-seeking Type 20 Anti-Monster Proton Missiles (20式対怪獣プロトンミサイル,   Nijū Shiki Tai Kaijū Puroton Misairu) or MA-PM020, simultaneously, from its hull.[2]

Minature Plasma Maser Beam Cannons

Equipped with two Miniature Plasma Maser Beam Cannons. (小型プラズマメーサービーム砲,   Kogata Purazuma Mēsā Bīmu Hō)[1]


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  • The Karyu's name, which translates to "Fire Dragon" in Japanese, is likely a reference to a Kilaak UFO of the same name from Destroy All Monsters.
  • The Karyu is referred to by Captain Li Xiang by the Chinese reading of the characters in its name, "Huǒlóng," in the version of Godzilla Final Wars that played during its Hollywood world premiere.

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