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Leviathan in orbit
Targets Earth,
Piloted by Leviathan Aliens

The Leviathan was a Leviathan Alien techno-organic spaceship sent to Earth over 10 million years before 1998.


Godzilla: The Series


After the Leviathan crash-landed on the planet Earth, near the end of its Cretaceous Period, the Leviathan Aliens took the native dinosaurs and selectively bred them to act as guard dogs on their ship while they went into stasis and sent out a distress beacon. Sixty-five million years later, three scientists picked up the Leviathan Alien transmission and went to investigate. They were promptly attacked by Reptilians, who took them to their Leviathan Alien masters. The Humanitarian Ecological Analysis Team came to investigate and were also taken by the guard dogs and put into the central system of the ship, which their probe N.I.G.E.L. managed to destroy, which deactivated all of the Leviathan Aliens on board and caused it to begin to implode. They narrowly escaped in an escape pod and decided that it was best to leave the ship at the ocean floor, where humans would never find it.


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