Headache Beam

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Headache Beam
Headache Beam
Height ???
Targets Godzilla, Keizer Ghidorah, other kaiju

The Headache Beam, later known as the Skullsplitter is a fictional weapon of used on several kaiju in the 2012 Godzilla comic, Godzilla.


The Headache Beam was the invention of Claire Plangman. She built it with her colleagues in Seoul, South Korea as a Giant Monster Repelling System (GMRS), after the initial kaiju attacks of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters. It was one of thousands of GMRSs funded by world governments.


The Headache beam was designed as a beam based weapon, giving it a cannon-esque shape in all of its incarnations both mounted, portable, and the Skullsplitter.



The Headache beam was designed to deliver severe physical pain to a kaiju's brain if aimed at it, though its earliest model only proved effective against some kinds of monsters due to biological differences. On her travels with the "Kaiju Kill Crew", Plangman developed smaller, rifle variants of the weapon as well as maintaining the mountable cannon form. It was eventually used as a lure of sorts until Plangman went missing in Vancouver, Canada and was separated from her team. In the weeks before she relocated them, upgraded the weapon based on some samples of Godzilla's DNA to improve the potency of the beam, earning it the new name "Skullsplitter". The weapon was used in the final battle against Keizer Ghidorah, and Chauncey Boxer attempted to use it to finish off Godzilla, but found his hide too thick to penetrate. Boxer then jumped into Godzilla's mouth and fired the weapon, incapacitating Godzilla for the time being, but effectively destroying the Skullsplitter.


Energy beam

The Headache Beam fires a yellow ray of energy designed to cause minor trauma in a monster's brain. When upgraded to the Skullsplitter, the beam becomes red in color and is much less concentrated. Its inner workings are never revealed.


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