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Chauncey Boxer
Boxer in Godzilla (IDW comic) Issue 1
Species Human
Nationality British
Affiliation Monster Kill Crew
Occupation Mercenary,
Soldier (Formerly)
Related to Unnamed daughter (deceased),
Harrison (son),
Beverly Harrison (mother of Harrison),
Claire Plangman (ex-girlfriend)
First appearance Godzilla (IDW comic) #1

Chauncey Louis Boxer is the main protagonist in IDW Publishing's 2012 comic series Godzilla.



"Forty Stories of Sheer Terror"

Boxer was an ex-British Special Forces soldier who was working as a bodyguard to Gwen Murakami: the daughter of a Japanese billionaire, when Godzilla re-emerged in Washington D.C. after the events of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, in which Boxer lost his daughter. As Godzilla drew nearer, Boxer took the girl he was guarding out of the crumbling building by various means, but their final escape was made by sliding down a rope in a half-exposed elevator shaft and landing in a tree. They were then approached by some United States Military, who urged them to flee, but they then ran into a militia who claimed that the U.S. Government had declared D.C. a total loss and were pulling operations to stop Godzilla's attack. When the militia saw Godzilla behind Boxer and Gwen, Gwen was killed in the crossfire. Boxer tried to take her to her mother at the United States Capitol building, but Godzilla destroyed it and her body is lost. Boxer then decided to assemble a team to stop Godzilla.

"Giant Monsters are the Disease: Meet the Cure..."

Boxer's first action was to steal a military helicopter and to retrieve his son Harrison from Rio de Janero, Irving Jassim from Mexico, and Claire Plangman from South Korea before stealing a bigger helicopter and flying to Edinburgh, Scotland where he demanded seven billion pounds from the minister of defense to take out Anguirus who was destroying the city. Urv then hurled plastic explosives at it and it began to chase them. Boxer then has Plangman use her Headache Beam which they had taken from South Korea, but Anguirus knocked the car over and broke the weapon.

"This Time It's Personal"

Plangman was able to repair it, and Boxer fired the weapon at the monster and kept it in the beam long enough for Urv to set off plastic explosives in the sewers, and forcing Anguirus into a dormant volcano beneath the city. During an interview after Anguirus' defeat, Boxer demanded seven billion dollars for each monster they kill, which Boxer reasoned was a reasonable amount, as it was one dollar for every person on the planet. They then become known as the Monster Kill Crew. Later in Taos, New Mexico, the group set off a rock-slide and crushed Kumonga. Much to Boxer's dismay, in São Paulo, Brazil, he was unable to defeat Rodan because Harrison did not maneuver their vehicle to keep him sedated and send him into an electrified net. They then defeated Battra in Seoul, South Korea, and Boxer suggested that they try to go after Godzilla in Saint Louis, Missouri. To Boxer's disdain, they instead headed for Tokyo to conquer Titanosaurus, but were attacked by Rodan en route.

"You Don't Assign Him a Giant Monster, You Just Turn Him Loose"

Boxer fired two Headache beams at Rodan, but a flap of its wings sent the helicopter veering off course until it was lodged into a building. Boxer then decided to influence Rodan and Titanosaurus to fight, which he and Plangman did with headache beams while Urv and Harrison prepared explosives to drop onto them when they were worn out. They dropped the high grade explosives onto the monsters, which brought the building they were under down on top of them. Boxer then learned that Godzilla was attacking San Diego, and Plangman voices strong concerns that Godzilla's biology was too different from monsters they had encountered for the Headache beams to work and accused Boxer of being motivated by greed. Boxer then revealed to the group that money was never his motivation, but it did help to buy more bombs and traps all to the ultimate end of destroying Godzilla once and for all.

"The Mission is a Giant Monster"

While attending the unveiling of a new anti-Godzilla weapon, Urv urged them to fall back to plan an attack while Harrison found them transportation. Boxer noticed that Harrison could not see Godzilla's tail swinging toward him and broke the jeep's window to pull Harrison out, acknowledging for the first time in years that he was Harrison's father, and apologized for leaving him and his mother years before. The financier of the anti-Godzilla weapon that turned out to be a new Mechagodzilla then attacked Godzilla, but inexperience and overconfidence led to his quick defeat, much to Boxer's amusement. The team was then covered by press agents before they were arrested by military police.

"They Had Nothing Left to Lose but Each Other"

After being arrested by the United States government, Boxer and his team that the media had dubbed the "Kill Crew" were taken before Japanses billionaire Ms. Murakami, mother of Gwen Murakami that Boxer had lost in D.C.. She had since lost an arm and a crude comment on Boxer's part about it got him and the team locked in holding cells, but it was all part of his plan. Urv then removed a small amount of C4 explosives from a false molar, and a fuse out of his nose to make their escape. After commandeering a car, Plangman discovered that Mothra had surfaced between them and Godzilla and that her priestesses the Shobijin were going to speak to the United Nations that day. Their responses were cryptic, and the group encountered Mothra blocking their path. They tried to drive past her, but she targeted Plangman and she was thrown out of the car after being hit by a beam of purpple lightning and receiving a vision of Hedorah, SpaceGodzilla, and Gigan. Meanwhile, Harrison and Urv broke into the U.N. Summit and threatened to kill the Shobijin if they did not call Mothra off. The Shobijin subtly implied that they would regret it before Mothra flew away from Boxer and Plangman, who began to suspect that the kaiju may have been in the right the whole time.

"The Government Gave Them A Choice... Now There's No Turning Back"

After reaching Vancouver, Canada, where Boxer was sure Godzilla would strike next, the crew went into hiding and waited for weeks. Nearly a month into their wait, Godzilla appeared in the bay. Plangman and Harrison then took the mobile Headache Beam to lure Godzilla into the city while Boxer climbed up a building to detonate the charges that Urv had buried all over Vancouver. The intention was to send Godzilla on a path that would lead him to a dormant volcano that would incinerate him if destroyed and the lava got out. Plangman got the area evacuated, but just as Godzilla began to head for the volcano, an unidentified helicopter, carrying Asuka Hikari, dropped a gas payload that drew Godzilla away. Boxer told Urv to stop the bombs, but the chain reaction had already begun, and the only way to stop it was to sever the fuses manually. Urv was able to stop most of the bombs, and kept the lava inside the volcano, saving Vancouver in the process. Boxer then swore to find the helicopter that had killed his dear friend.

"Somewhere, Somehow, Something is Going to Pay"

While running from Godzilla, Boxer ordered the fractured Kill Crew to to split up in the dust and rubble. Boxer then saw the helicopter, but Godzilla was about to crush either Harrison or Claire. In a split-second decision Boxer dove for his son, leaving Plangman to an uncertain fate. Boxer then tried to get Harrison to speak to him, but he could not. Not knowing this, Boxer began to search for Plangman in the rubble. He did not find her, and took Harrison to a hospital where he attempted to treat him. Hikari then approached Boxer and revealed that she had been on the helicopter, and apologized for the pain she had caused them, but did inform him that Godzilla had been captured in a net of Black Hole Energy, just as four monsters, Gigan, Hedorah, SpaceGodzilla, and Monster X descended from the sky, making Boxer realize that the kaiju had resurfaced to protect them from the alien threats, leading him to believe that they needed to break Godzilla out of his cage.

"The Night the Giant Monsters Came Home!"

After setting their sights on Godzilla, Boxer, Harrison, and Hikari attempted to hijack the SUV of the incredibly stubborn Mr. Tussbaum who, even at gunpoint refused to give up his car. During that time, Godzilla escaped the energy cage he was in and retreated into the ocean. Hikari then revealed to Boxer that while working with Dr. Pohl she overheard talk of a Monster Arms Race in which nations were attempting to store monsters and learn to control them in order to build an unstoppable army using all the monsters that the Kill Crew had defeated. Boxer then reflected that he hat thought he was the one getting a leg up on the world, but yet again found himself a pawn for the powers that be. Boxer and Hikari then left to interrogate Dr. Pohl to learn the location of Monster Island.

"His Whole Life Was a Million-to-One Shot"

Hikari and Boxer left Harrison behind and they infiltrated Monster Island. While on the island, Hikari was able to slip pheromones into the drink of one of the Island administrators which distracted them long enough for her knock them out with a stick. They then decided to try to get Kumonga back to the mainland when Harrison arrived in Mechagodzilla to help them.

"The War's Not Over Until the Last Monster Goes Home!"

While flying Kumonga to the United States, Boxer, Harrison, and Hikari were able to watch footage of the numerous monsters battling all over the world. Running low on power, they stopped at a nuclear power plant and had them refuel Mechagodzilla. They then headed to New York, where most of the action was taking place, and Kumonga leapt off to attack Monster X. It was quickly crushed, but one weapons system became operational, and they fired the Absolute Zero Cannon at their foe, but the recoil sent them into a nearby river, where Mechagodzilla's cockpit began to fill with water as Godzilla converged on Monster X and SpaceGodzilla.

"This Time He's Fighting For His Life"

With water quickly filling the cockpit, Boxer attempted to open the flooded escape hatch, but to no avail. He then suggested firing the Absolute Zero cannon again, which Hikari insisted would probably breach the armor. Harrison then fired the weapon and they swam out of a resulting crack to the surface of the Hudson River. Godzilla defeated Monster X as this occurred, but it mutated into Keizer Ghidorah. On the shore, they discovered that Hikari was unconscious, and Boxer resuscitated her, not wanting another child to die in his care. Claire Plangman then arrived in a helicopter with a sarcastic remark about Hikari being Boxer's underage girlfriend, and revealed that she had perfected the Headache Beam.

"The End of This Nightmare... Once and for All"

The team began to work the new Headache Beam, now rechristened "The Skullsplitter", but the battle between Godzilla and Keizer Ghidorah proved to be an obstacle in keeping the helicopter steady. Rodan then arrived to help Godzilla, and the team fired the beam at one of Ghidorah's heads as the other monsters kept the others occupied. Keizer Ghidorah managed to redirect the Skullsplitter beam back at the team, but the damage done by it to Ghidorah in combination with a screech from Rodan blasted off its leftmost head. The center head then dove for Godzilla's neck, and the monster was able to redirect its right head to sever it, and blasted its last remaining head before retreating. Not wanting to let his revenge go unfulfilled, Boxer attempted to hit Godzilla with the Skullsplitter, but his hide was too tough to penetrate. Then, bidding Claire to tell Harrison that he was proud of him and did not want him to live in a world with Godzilla, he leapt into the monster's open mouth and fired the weapon, causing Godzilla to collapse into the sea.



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