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Idea and Design Works, LLC, also known as IDW Comics or simply IDW, is an American comic book publisher. IDW began publishing Godzilla comics in 2011, with the most recent series concluding in 2016. IDW has not announced any new comics utilizing the Godzilla license since 2016, however it has signed a new licensing deal with Toho and will be republishing Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters as a complete volume followed by Godzilla: Complete Rulers of Earth Vol. 2 in summer of 2019.[1]

Two of IDW's Godzilla comic series, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth and Godzilla: Rage Across Time, have been translated and published in Japan by Phase 6, marking the first-ever instance of American Godzilla comic series being released in Japan.


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36 months ago
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So are they done with Godzilla or are there more comics coming out?


14 months ago
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Expired no fair!!!!

The King of the Monsters

14 months ago
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We actually don't know whether IDW has lost the Godzilla license or not. It seemed that way for a while since they cancelled the last volume of Complete Rulers of Earth and made no announcements about future Godzilla comics. However, they are republishing Kingdom of Monsters this year, so it's possible they still have the license and just aren't doing anything with it.


12 months ago
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@KOTM: I’m a little disappointed about that (the fact that IDW is publishing G:CRoE Vol. 2 so late). I know why they’re doing, but it seems I’ve wasted money completing my Rulers of Earth collection (if you don’t believe me, check out my profile under “Books”.
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