Godzilla: Monster Island Summer Camp

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Godzilla: Monster Island Summer Camp
Cover by Oliver Ono
Written by Rosie Knight[1]
Art by Oliver Ono[1]
Cover by Oliver Ono
Publisher IDW Publishing
Publish date August 13, 2024
Pages 128
Genre Graphic novel
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Godzilla: Monster Island Summer Camp is an upcoming original graphic novel from IDW Publishing, written by Rosie Knight and illustrated by Oliver Ono. It is set to be released on August 13, 2024.[1]


This fresh Godzilla OGN proves that kaiju are for kids. Especially the ones who’d rather befriend beasts than fight them.

As an aspiring cartoonist, Zelda has always dreamed of attending an art summer camp, and this year she finally gets to go! But when she arrives to Make It Summer Camp, she’s horrified to see the easels and sketchboards have been replaced with dodgeball and calisthenics. The camp is under new, suspicious management that’s turned it into an extreme sports nightmare.

Determined to salvage her summer, Zelda escapes to a secluded corner of the island. Here she can finally draw in peace. At least until she stumbles into a portal to a fantastic world!

Welcome to Monster Island, Zelda!

There she makes a connection with baby kaiju Minilla and discovers the beauty of these legendary creatures. However, all is not well on Monster Island. Great evils are stirring and if Zelda can’t protect their home, the kaiju will unleash their wrath on the world.[1]







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