Mighty Avengers #1

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Marvel's Godzilla
The Thing #31
Mighty Avengers #1
"The Mighty Avengers"
The issue's primary cover by Frank Cho
Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Cover by
  • Frank Cho (standard and second printing variant)
  • Leinil Francis Yu (variant)
Pencils by Frank Cho
Colors by Jason Keith
Letters by Dave Lanphear
Edits by Tom Brevoort
Marvel Comics
Other appearances of Godzilla:
Iron Man #193Iron Man #194
Iron Man #196The Thing #31
Mighty Avengers #1

"The Mighty Avengers" is the first issue of Marvel Comics' Mighty Avengers. Published on March 7, 2007, it features the most recent canonical appearance of Godzilla in a Marvel comic, albeit unlicensed.


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Godzilla's scrapped dorsal fins in Marvel Previews #41

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