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Lepirax in Godzilla: King of the Monsters #5
Species Irradiated Insect
Allies Dr. Demonicus, Batragon, Ghilaron, Centipor
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla #4

Lepirax is one of Dr. Demonicus' mutant monsters used to oppose Godzilla in the Marvel Comics universe.


Lepirax is a combination of "Lepidoptera" (the classification of butterflies) and "thorax" (which is part of an insect's body.)


Lepirax is a grossly enlarged moth or butterfly. Like the other monsters of Dr. Demonicus, Lepirax is bound to the Life Stone, and must return to the meteor to bask in the radiation to restore its vitality. Lepirax was released from its cage to protect Dr. Demonicus' base when the base was threatened by Godzilla and SHIELD. Wisely, Lepirax chose to avoid battle with Godzilla, instead attacking SHIELD agent Dum-Dum Dugan's helicopter. However, Godzilla dealt with Lepirax anyways, turning Lepirax into a pile of ash with a blast of atomic fire and then stomping Lepirax's charred body into the ground.



Lepirax is an agile flier and able to execute complex aerial maneuvers.

Physical Abilities

Lepirax has grasping claws and a hard exoskeleton which is impervious to injuries from gunfire, lasers, and even the blades of a helicopter.

Comic Appearances


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