Lady Kong

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Lady Kong
Lady Kong in King Kong Lives
Alternate names Female Kong
Species Giant ape
Relations King Kong (mate), Baby Kong (son)
Allies King Kong
Played by George Antoni
First appearance King Kong Lives

Lady Kong is a female giant ape and the mate of King Kong in the 1986 film King Kong Lives.


Lady Kong closely resembles King Kong, but features a few notable differences, in keeping with her gender. The fur around her head is a reddish color, she has a smaller sagittal crest on the top of her head, and she has more pronounced breasts.


King Kong Lives

Lady Kong was discovered in Borneo by adventurer Hank Mitchell and was brought back to the United States in order to provide a blood transfusion for the comatose King Kong. The blood transfusion was successful and Kong was revived with an artificial heart. Lady Kong and King Kong were kept in captivity together, and eventually mated. Kong broke the two of them free from the institute where they were being kept and they fled to the forest to live in peace. The U.S. military was sent after the two of them, and managed to capture Lady Kong while apparently killing Kong. Lady Kong was taken to a military base, where it was discovered that after a few months of confinement inside of a silo, she was pregnant with Kong's child. As Lady Kong went into labor, King Kong, who was still alive but whose artificial heart was failing, arrived at the military base to rescue her. Kong battled the military forces and defeated them, but was fatally wounded in the process. Kong managed to survive long enough to enter the base and reunite with Lady Kong and their newborn child, Baby Kong. Following Kong's death, Lady Kong and Baby Kong were taken back to Borneo to live in peace.

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