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Machine G
Machine G in Godzilla, King of the Monsters
Alternate names Machine Ji, Machine Godzilla, Robot Godzilla, Mechagodzilla
Species G-Team mecha
Controlled by Miki Hideo, Yosuke Hideo, Linda Miller
Relations G-Team (creators)
Allies Godzilla
Enemies King Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla, King of the Monsters
That's right... Together, with the power from the United Nations Scientific Committee, we were able to complete it. The world's strongest combat machine — Machine G!

Yosuke Kaneko, Godzilla, King of the Monsters Volume 2, Chapter 9: "The Greatest Battle in History: Part One (Godzilla vs. King Godzilla)"

Machine G (マシーン ,   Mashīn Jī) is a G Team mecha which first appeared in Kodansha's Godzilla, King of the Monsters manga.


Machine G's name comes from "Machine" and "G," which can come from either Godzilla or the "G" in Machine G's creators, G Team. It could also be a reference to Mazinger Z, which already plays a role in the former's design.


Machine G is a sleek mecha which appears to be based on Godzilla's appearance, and draws on aspects of other popular Japanese robots such as the Dragonzord and Mazinger Z. Though ostensibly a Mechagodzilla, it looks quite different compared to Mechagodzilla III, with its smooth, curved casing contrasting the former's angular design.

Machine G has a long, almost canine-like head with a massive black spike erupting out of it, and a gem in its forehead. Machine G's dorsal plates are silver in colour and slightly curved. He has powerful arms and large shoulders, and the top half of his body appears to be heavier than the lower half. His tail, arms, legs, feet, chest and groin are all protected by thick black armour. Machine G also possesses a set of wings on his back that fold out when required.


Godzilla, King of the Monsters

After Dr. Mad Oniyama released King Godzilla and defeated Godzilla by dropping the kaiju king onto a set of spikes, Hideo Kaneko, who believed that Godzilla had died, his brother Yosuke and Linda Miller realised they would have to fight alone. It was then that Yosuke revealed G-Team's greatest weapon, being Machine G! The three humans piloted the Mechagodzilla into battle against King Godzilla at Satan Atoll, and seemed to have the upper hand. Machine G used his Twin Maser Cannon Hands to deal devastating damage on King Godzilla, only for the hybrid kaiju to reveal an additional component: his Neo Biollante head, which was formed after Machine G damaged King Godzilla's chest.

Machine G was quickly overpowered and knocked down by King Godzilla, who proceeded to attempt to crush the mecha's head. Before this could happen, the battle was interrupted by Godzilla, who had returned to the fight after being revived by a lightning bolt. Godzilla quickly retalliated against King Godzilla, ultimately saving Machine G from destruction. With Machine G's weapons incapacitated, the three humans could only watch as Godzilla destroyed King Godzilla's Neo Biollante head, then hurled himself into the mouth of an active volcano while grappling with King Godzilla to take down his doppelganger and its creator. As the team looked on in awe, having left the downed mecha, Miller assured them that Godzilla would return one day.



Machine G can deploy wings and fly.

Twin Maser Cannon Hands

Machine G's hands can transform into Twin Maser Cannons. The beams from these cannons are strong enough to blast straight through an opponent's body and out the other side.

Finger missiles

Machine G can fire volleys of finger missiles from his hands in a similar manner to the Showa Mechagodzilla.


Machine G’s hand masers were corroded away by King Godzilla’s Neo Biollante head, which rendered it helpless. It was nearly destroyed before Godzilla arrived.



  • Machine G is the only monster in the manga who allies with Godzilla against Dr. Mad Oniyama's forces. While Godzilla also goes on a rampage alongside Neo Gigan, he only does so while under Oniyama's temporary control.


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