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Schneckeczar battles Godzilla in "The Big One"
Subtitle(s) The Snail Emperor[1]
Species Snail monster
Relations Unnamed human-scale snail monsters
Enemies Godzilla
Conceived of by Adam Gorham
Designed by Adam Gorham
First appearance "The Big One"

Schneckeczar[1] is a giant snail monster who appeared in the 2024 IDW Publishing one-shot anthology comic Godzilla: 70th Anniversary, in the segment "The Big One".


Schneckeczar goes unnamed within the comic itself; creator Adam Gorham revealed its name on Twitter alongside concept art of the monster.[1] The name appears to be a portmanteau of "schnecke", meaning snail in German, and "czar", a Russian word for emperor.


Schneckeczar resembles a giant, blue snail with a red shell that has two points. Its skin appears to have a bioluminescent glow, with most of its skin being dark blue with a lighter blue underbelly. In addition to its two red eye stalks, Schneckeczar has an additional stripped stalk in the center of its head that can fire a beam. Schneckeczar has a mouth full of sharp teeth with mandibles at its side, as well as an extendable inner mouth resembling a lamprey's mouth. It also has a long tail with a spiked tip.


"The Big One"

Schneckeczar battles Godzilla

Schneckeczar battled Godzilla in a small town in the United States. A man known as Pop was caught in the midst of the battle alongside several of his fellow town residents, though he struggled to reconcile the idea of abandoning his hometown. As flood waters rose, smaller, human-sized snail monsters resembling Schneckeczar began invading the town and devouring survivors of the kaiju battle, forcing Pop and several other survivors to return to his store. Outside, Schneckeczar blasted Godzilla with a powerful laser beam, knocking Godzilla down into another building. Taking advantage, Schneckeczar slithered onto Godzilla and revealed a secondary inner mouth resembling that of a lamprey's with numerous sharp teeth, which latched onto Godzilla's throat. However, Godzilla grabbed onto Schneckeczar's eyestalks and promptly tossed the creature off of his body, destroying part of Pop's store. Pop and the survivors fled to the roof of the store, only to find themselves trapped as they witnessed Godzilla blasting Schneckeczar with his atomic breath. As Pop and the others battled the smaller snail monsters that besieged the building, a military helicopter finally arrived and began killing the smaller snail monsters. Godzilla and Schneckeczar continued their battle as Pop and the others were safely evacuated.

Months later, Pop returned to site of Godzilla and Schneckeczar's battle to pay his respects to the fallen with the intention of reopening his store to continue serving the community he held so dear, maintaining that even though most had left, someone had to look after the town.



Schneckeczar fires its beam at Godzilla

Schneckeczar can fire a powerful red beam out of the third stalk between its eyes, which was strong enough to knock Godzilla down.

Inner mouth

Schneckeczar reveals its inner mouth

Schneckeczar has a nested mouth resembling a lamprey's mouth, complete with numerous sharp teeth, which it can extend like a tongue to latch onto opponents.


Concept art


  • Schneckeczar's preliminary character sheet sports a few minor differences from the final design seen within the comic, including having red skin on the back of its head and neck, blue eyestalks instead of red ones, and seems to lack its spiked tail.


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