Quack Quack

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Quack Quack
Quack Quack sprite from King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch
Alternate names Duck
Species Giant duck
Enemies King Kong
First appearance King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch

Quack Quack (グアグア,   Gua Gua) is an enemy kaiju in the game King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch.


Quack Quack is a duck with bright red-orange feathers. Its beak and feet are lime green, as are the sclera of its pupiless eyes, and it has no visible wings. Quack Quack's tail feathers point upward.

Video games

King Kong 2: Furious Megaton Punch

When King Kong went on a quest to save his mate Lady Kong, he fought against various enemies, including many Quack Quacks.


Energy Spheres

Quack Quack can shoot energy spheres.


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