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Rozan cradling Lilin's embryo in an illustration from A Space Godzilla
Alternate names Godzilla
Species Space Godzilla
Forms Rocket ship form
Relations Kunin (husband), Lilin (son)
Allies Kunin, Lilin, Sphinx Princess, Sphinx Prince
Enemies Sunerians, Sunerian Queen, Gamoni
First appearance A Space Godzilla

Rozan (ロザン) is an extraterrestrial kaiju that appears in the 1979 short story A Space Godzilla, published in Starlog magazine.


In the illustrations for A Space Godzilla, Rozan generally resembles Godzilla designs from the Showa era, notably the MosuGoji, DaisensoGoji and ShodaiGoji. A puppet was created for the Space Godzillas for the unmade film based on the short story, but it is unknown if the puppet was created to portray Rozan or one of the other Space Godzillas.


Rozan is a Space Godzilla, a member of a species of intelligent aliens that hail from Godzilla Planet. After conceiving a child with her husband Kunin, Rozan arrived on Earth at some point, where the humans saw her only as a destructive monster. At an unspecified point before the start of A Space Godzilla, she contracted Diabetes and by the time of the book's opening was close to death.


A Space Godzilla

One day, Rozan floated ashore in Japan, seemingly dying. Scientists quickly dissected her, only to discover she was dying of diabetes and was actually an intelligent alien. Using psychic communication, Rozan informed the scientists that she was carrying an unborn child and needed to return to her home on Godzilla Planet. The scientists converted Rozan into a rocket ship and launched her into space with her unborn son, Lilin, sending her on her way to Godzilla Planet. She later came to a planet where Kunin, Lilin, the Sphinx Princess, and Sphinx Prince were, but as she arrived the Sunerians were ordered to shoot her down by their leader, Gamoni.



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