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Lizzie in Rampage
Alternate names Crocodile, Croc
Subtitle(s) Queen of the Amphibious Reptiles
(両棲爬王,   Ryōsei Haō)[1]
Species Genetically-edited crocodile
Height 50[2]-60.7 feet[3] / 18.5 meters[4]
Length 200[2]-225 feet[3] / 68.5 meters[4]
Weight 150 tons[3][4][note 1]
Forms Pre-Mutation, Giant
Place(s) of emergence Everglades National Park, Florida
Allies George and Ralph (initially)
Enemies George, Ralph, Davis Okoye
Conceived of by Brian Colin, Jeff Nauman
Written by Ryan Engle, Carlton Cuse,
Ryan Condal, Adam Sztykiel
Designed by Nuttavut Baiphowongse,
Tsvetomir Georgiev, Jared Krichevsky, Court Chu, Kyle Brown, Daniel Edery
First appearance Rampage
I was just thinking the only thing that's missing right now is a giant crocodile.

— Davis Okoye (Rampage trailer)

Lizzie is a giant crocodile monster featured in the 2018 New Line Cinema film, Rampage. She is loosely based on the character of the same name from Midway's Rampage video games.


Lizzie maintains the basic physical characteristics of a crocodile, but due to the Energyne pathogen she was infected with she has gained numerous auxiliary traits. In addition to her gigantic size, Lizzie has developed two huge tusks on each side of her head above her mouth and two smaller ones on each side of her lower jaw, a pair of frills flanking her face that cover her gills, countless large spikes on her back, and a spiked club on the end of her tail, as well as gecko-like feet.


Lizzie was an American crocodile living in Everglades National Park, where she ate one of the canisters containing Energyne's "Project Rampage" pathogen after it fell to Earth following the explosion of the Athena-1 satellite. The pathogen modified Lizzie's genome, drastically increasing her size, strength, and aggression, while also causing her to develop the physical characteristics of other species. In a short span of time, Lizzie went from a normal crocodile to a giant monster over 200 feet in length.



After the Athena-1 satellite exploded in Earth's atmosphere, one of the capsules containing Energyne's experimental "Project Rampage" pathogen crashed into Everglades National Park in Florida. The capsule was promptly swallowed whole by a crocodile swimming in the waters where it landed. The pathogen took effect, editing the crocodile's genome with weaponized DNA that had been developed aboard the Athena-1. In a matter of days, this crocodile had been transformed into the colossal monster known as Lizzie. When Claire Wyden activated a beacon aboard Willis Tower in Chicago to attract the other creatures infected with the pathogen, Lizzie responded to it as well and began swimming through rivers toward Chicago. Lizzie finally surfaced from the Chicago River when the city was already under siege by George and Ralph, a gorilla and wolf also mutated by the pathogen. All three monsters easily made their way through military resistance and began scaling Willis Tower. Lizzie burrowed through several floors of the skyscraper, compromising its structural integrity. By the time all three monsters reached the top of the building, it began to topple. When the dust settled, the three monsters began to turn on each other. Davis Okoye, George's former caretaker, had managed to administer a cure to George that halted his aggression, and worked with him to try and stop Lizzie and Ralph. Davis opened fire with a grenade launcher at Ralph, who jumped through a nearby building and began gliding through the air directly at Davis. However, Ralph was caught midair in Lizzie's jaws. Lizzie performed a death roll and tore Ralph's head off, then swallowed it whole. She then turned her attention to Davis, chasing him before George attacked her from behind with a truck. Davis threw a belt of live grenades between Lizzie's gills, with the explosion bringing her to the ground. However, Lizzie quickly recovered and prepared to smash Davis with her tail club, only for George to jump in the way and take the hit instead, causing him to be thrown into a building and impaled on a metal spike. Davis ran into a downed AH-64 Apache and fired its machine gun at Lizzie, drawing her attention. As she charged toward him, Davis fired a hail of rockets directly into her face. This too failed to wound Lizzie, who closed in for the kill. Lizzie trapped Davis in the ruins of a building and prepared to catch him in her deadly jaws, but George recovered and removed the spike from his chest. George then jumped into the air and drove the spike directly through Lizzie's eye, causing her to roar out in pain before finally dropping to the ground dead.


Teeth and jaws

Lizzie's mouth is lined with countless razor-sharp teeth, which in combination with the strength of her massive jaws grant her an incredibly lethal bite. This is demonstrated when Lizzie catches Ralph in the air with her mouth, then performs a death roll which tears his head off. Lizzie's mouth is also flanked by numerous tusks, which themselves are sharp enough to pierce Lizzie's own skin as shown when George tears one off and stabs her with it.

Tail club

Lizzie's tail is tipped with a spiked club which she uses in combat to strike George and send him flying into a building.


Lizzie is adapted for movement both on land and underwater. She can swim at impressive speeds, which allowed her to travel all the way to Chicago from the Florida Everglades. As one of her genetic modifications, Lizzie possesses gills on her neck which presumably allow her to remain underwater indefinitely without surfacing for air.


Lizzie is covered in an extremely thick, armored hide. Military weaponry cannot faze her, while physical attacks from George and Ralph are ineffective as well. While George is able to pierce Lizzie's skin with her own severed tusk, this does not seem to cause any noticeable injury. Lizzie also survives after Davis Okoye throws a belt full of live grenades in between her gills. While the explosion knocks her down, Lizzie quickly recovers. Davis later fires a hail of rockets from a downed AH-64 Apache directly into Lizzie's face, but this too fails to halt her. Only a metal spike being driven directly through her eye was able to kill Lizzie.


Like a gecko, Lizzie is able to climb up surfaces she normally couldn't thanks to adhesive pads on her toes. This was shown most dramatically when she climbed up the 1,048-foot Willis Tower once the transmitter at the top was activated by Claire Wyden.

Video games


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Lizzie roars

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese リジー Rijī Transliteration of English name


  • Both Lizzie's origins and design in the Rampage film are very different from in the video games upon which it is based. In the games, Lizzie is a human mutated into a reptilian monster due to the experiments of Scum Labs, as are George and Ralph. In the games, Lizzie is a bright green lizard-like monster with a single row of spikes on her back that walks upright like a human.
  • Unlike George and Ralph, Lizzie's name is never spoken in the film. It is however included on the box for her figures in Lanard's official toy line for the film and on the Arcade and VR games.


  1. While both SciFi Japan's press notes and the official Warner Bros. Japan Twitter page say that Lizzie weighs 150 tons, in Japan this would refer to 150 metric tons (approximately 165 U.S. tons).


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