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Soran heeds THE CALL...
Species Thunderbird
Enemies Godzilla
Created by Randy Stradley (writer)
Steve Bissette (writer and artist)
Ron Randall (artist)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla: King of the Monsters Godzilla, King of the Monsters #12

Soran is a kaiju who appeared in Dark Horse's Godzilla, King of the Monsters comics.


Bizarre incidents are occurring all over Japan, one in particular happening over the East China sea as a jet airliner came into contact with a UFO as it traveled between Tokyo and Hong Kong. One Witness described it as unbelievably huge, and several others claimed that as the object traveled past them, large evil eyes stared at the plane and it's occupants. Certain individuals believe that all of these bizarre phenomenon are linked to the recent unearthing of a peculiar slab at a construction site. Claiming that it is connected to the coming of the 'Age of Monsters,' it is said that the slab itself would bring forth 'Disaster Monsters,' great beasts of legend that have menaced humanity throughout ancient history, including Soran the Thunder bird.

Drawn to the beckoning call of the Slab, Soran made a beeline toward Japan, where Godzilla, another monster of legend, had already ravaged most of Tokyo in it's search for the Slab. Realizing that the Slab was connected to these creatures, members of the construction crew take the slab away via helicopters, with Godzilla in close pursuit. Soran intercepts Godzilla over Tokyo Bay, where the pilot of the helicopter franticly tries to dump the slab into the ocean. Luckily the Thunder bird's jostling of the aircraft manages to release the Slab, pitching it into the deep. Both Soran and Godzilla plunge in after it, but the Thunder bird does get far before needing to return to the surface as Godzilla continues to follow the Slab into the dark depths of the ocean. With the Slab no longer within reach, Soran hastily departs.

The mad scientist Mason contemplated bringing Soran and other monsters from the past into the pacifist future of 2299 to dominate the planet, although he was devoured by Godzilla before he could realize his plans.

Comic Appearances



  • Soran was likely meant to evoke Rodan, as Dark Horse could not afford to license any of Toho's kaiju besides Godzilla.


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