Junior (King Kong's Cousin)

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Junior in King Kong's Cousin
Species Gorilla
Relations Unnamed mother, King Kong (cousin), Bernice (cat), Larry (goldfish)
Allies Bernice
Created by Mark Teague
First appearance King Kong's Cousin

Junior is the small, timid cousin of King Kong who debuted in the 2022 children's book King Kong's Cousin. He has a habit of constantly comparing himself to his famous cousin and his feats, but ultimately learns to accept himself as worthy, despite his differences.


Junior is the cousin of King Kong. However, it is unknown who he is named for to make him a "Junior", if indeed Junior is not simply his given name. He lives in New York City apartment with his human mother, pet cat Bernice, and pet goldfish Larry.


Junior is a small ape, resembling King Kong in everything but his size.


King Kong's Cousin

Junior was the younger cousin of the world-famous star of the stage and screen King Kong, who was a heroic and prominent resident of New York City. Junior lived out of the limelight with his human mother in an apartment in the city alongside his cat Bernice and goldfish Larry. Junior sought to become strong like his cousin, and did his best to accomplish this through changes in his diet and exercise. Despite this, there were many things Kong could do that Junior could not. While watching his cousin hoist two elephants while on one foot at his Broadway show, Junior's mother assured him that he was just as special as his cousin.

Junior and his cat Bernice watched Kong lead the city's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but Junior soon discovered that Bernice was missing. He heard her howling at the top of a tree, where she had gotten stuck. Junior uneasily climbed the tree, slung Bernice over his shoulders, and climbed down to return home for Thanksgiving dinner. That night, as she tucked Junior and Bernice in, Junior's mother expressed pride in Junior's bravery, which made him feel "bigger."



Junior is extremely intelligent for an ape, and is able to undertake numerous household chores like laundry and fish-feeding. On top of this, Junior shows an ability to read, which has to date not been seen in any nonhuman ape. Furthermore, it is implied that Junior is able to play the piano and to read music, making him remarkably talented for a young gorilla.


Junior has difficulty with his self-perception, which is his greatest weakness. Despite his dedication to weightlifting and exercise, Junior's physical strength is only comparable to that of a house cat.


  • While the illustrations in the book take on a blue hue, the original acrylic paintings by Mark Teague have a more natural gray hue.[1]


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