King Kong's Cousin

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King Kong's Cousin
King Kong's Cousin
Author(s) Mark Teague
Illustrated by Mark Teague
Publisher Beach Lane Books
Publish date August 30, 2022
Pages 40
Genre Children's, picture book
ISBN ISBN-13: 978-1665912303

King Kong's Cousin is a 2022 children's book written and illustrated by Mark Teague and published by Beach Lane Books. It takes place in a metafictional world where King Kong is a celebrity resident of New York City and the traditional King Kong story exists as a film in which he stars. It focuses on his young cousin Junior, who feels inferior because of his inability to match Kong's many great feats.


Junior wants to be as big and as strong and as special as his cousin, Kong, but he always seems to come up short. Kong climbs skyscrapers; Junior is afraid of heights. Kong does whatever he wants; Junior does chores. When Junior’s beloved cat gets stuck in a tree, will this be his chance to save the day?


Junior, a gorilla living in New York City, looks up to his cousin King Kong, who plays tug-of-war with elephants, wrestles dinosaurs, climbs skyscrapers, saves trains, and stars in plays and movies. Junior feels his life is mundane in comparison, and trains to become as strong and tall as Kong, although his mother assures that they are equally special. As he watches Kong leading the Thanksgiving Day Parade, he notices that his cat Bernice has gone missing. He then hears a screech — coming from Bernice, who is now stuck in a tree. Without thinking, Junior climbs up the tree to retrieve her; though scared by the height of the tree at first, he climbs back down the tree and brings Bernice to safety. After dinner, Junior's mother tucks him into bed and congratulates him for his heroic act. As Junior checks his height one more time, finding he's grown a little, his cousin Kong checks on him with a smile.




  • Junior's mother
  • Bernice
  • Larry

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Biplanes




  • Junior reads the fictitious Daily Planet newspaper of Superman fame.
  • Though King Kong is typically drawn to blondes in his films, the actress he works with in the book has dark hair.
  • Three of the balloons in the Thanksgiving Day Parade are based on real balloons that flew during the 1929 and 1930 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parades, including one of Felix the Cat.[1]
  • While the illustrations in the book itself have a blue hue, the original acrylic paintings by Mark Teague take on a grey hue.[2]


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