King Kong: The Search for Kong

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King Kong: The Search for Kong
King Kong: The Search for Kong
Author(s) Catherine Hapka
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish date November 8, 2005
Genre Children's Book
ISBN 978-0060773038

King Kong: The Search for Kong, also known as Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World: Kong's Kingdom is a children's book based on the 2005 Universal King Kong film. It was released in November of 2005, and was written by Catherine Hapka and illustrated by Peter Bollinger and Robert Papp.

Official Synopsis

"ROARRRR!!! King Kong has scooped up Ann! Her friends are racing after her across Skull Island. But there are dinosaurs, water monsters, and giant bugs in their path. Will they survive and save Ann?"


When Kong scoops up Ann Darrow, a group of brave sailors enter the jungle to save her. While tracking Kong, they become frightened by sounds in the jungle, and fire into the bush. A flare is lit, and they discover the bodies of Fin-headed dinosaurs before going to rest in a valley. There, they are caught in a Brontosaurus stampede caused by some hunting Carnotaur. They barely escape up a small slope and escape into a rancid swamp, which they quickly build a raft to float across on. However, they are then attacked by a sea beast, which they manage to escape. However, as they cross a log, Kong appears before them and shakes them into the pit below, where they are set upon by Carnictis and Arachno-claws, which they punched and shot until they were safe from danger, wondering if they would be able to save Ann from Kong.


Characters & Monsters



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