The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies: The Lost Films

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The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies: The Lost Films
The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies: The Lost Films
Author(s) John LeMay
Edited by Ted Johnson
Cover by Jared Olive
Publisher Bicep Books, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish date June 15, 2017[1]
Dimensions 5.5 x 0.9 x 8.5 inches[1]
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 1548145254
ISBN-13: 978-1548145255

The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies: The Lost Films is a 2017 informational book by John LeMay profiling unmade projects in the kaiju genre. Published by Bicep Books on June 15, 2017, it contains approximately 122,000 words across 386 pages. The book was edited by Ted Johnson.

In addition to containing information such as intended release dates, staff, proposed cast, and story details regarding an extensive array of unmade, scrapped or lost films, the book features a foreword by G-Fan publisher and editor J.D. Lees and essays by Dr. Ayame Chiba (the deceptive pseudonym of Randy Schadel[2]), Stan Hyde, Mark Jaramillo, and Ted Johnson, as well as an interview with Don F. Glut.


Nessie. Bride of Godzilla. Gamera vs. Wyvern. Mothra vs. Bagan. Batman Meets Godzilla. All fans have heard of these tantalizing lost films, but few know of their full histories...until now. With information straight from the Japanese sources learn how Gamera was made in 1965 to make use of miniature sets made for a disastrous movie about giant rats called Giant Horde Beast Nezura which was partially shot in 1963. Marvel at a blind Godzilla's battle with the invisible monster Chamelegon in Tokyo SOS: Godzilla's Suicide Strategy! Watch in amazement as Godzilla and Kong battle in the flames of Mt. Aso in Continuation: King Kong vs. Godzilla! Explore the tortured history of the Toho/Hammer team-up Nessie about a kaiju-sized Loch Ness Monster. Recoil in horror at the sights of Great Prophecies of Nostradamus, a 1974 film so controversial that a self-imposed ban was placed on it by Toho. Baffle at Hanuman, the monkey monster of Thailand's Chaiyo Studios which teamed with Ultraman and his brethren in 6 Ultra Brothers vs. the Monster Army. Puzzle over a psychedelic Italian colorized version of Godzilla, King of the Monsters! code-named "Cozzilla." Then uncover the $100,000 fan made epic Legendary Beast Wolfman vs. Godzilla! But that's not all--this book also contains essays by kaiju fan experts such as Dr. Ayame Chiba, Stan Hyde, Mark Jaramillo and Ted Johnson on subjects as diverse as unmade Kong films to heretofore unknown independent films like Atragon 2, Resurrection of Daimajin and Wanigon vs. Gamaron!


  • Part III: Banned, Unreleased & Lost Films
  • Appendix I: Short Treatments for Unmade Films (p. 223)
  • Appendix II: Alternate Versions of Existing Films (p. 237)
  • Appendix III: Synopses (p. 251)
  • Appendix IV: Independent Features & Fan Films (Compiled by Mark Jaramillo) (p. 317)
  • Appendix V: Guardian of Mixed Media: The Gameraverse, by Dr. Ayame Chiba (p. 323)
  • Appendix VI: The International Kaiju Brotherhood: Giant Monsters and Movie-Making Heroes from Around the World, by Stan Hyde (p. 331)
  • Appendix VII: In Search of Monsters: My Hunt for Obscure and Forgotten Kaiju Films, by Mark Jaramillo (p. 351)
  • Appendix VIII: Prophecies of Nostradamus and Me, by Ted Johnson (p. 361)
  • Appendix IX: Interview with Don F. Glut on Ultraman: Hero from the Stars (p. 367)
  • Bibliography (p. 370)
  • Index (p. 374)
  • About the Author (p. 384)



  • The book erroneously refers to Godzilla series writer Hideichi Nagahara as "Shuichi Nagahara."


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