Godzilla Returns (1996)

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Marc Cerasini Godzilla novels
Godzilla Returns
Godzilla 2000
Godzilla Returns
Godzilla Returns
Author(s) Marc Cerasini
Publisher Random House
Publish date October 29, 1996
Genre Children's books, fiction
ISBN ISBN-10: 0679882219
ISBN-13: 978-0679882213

Godzilla Returns is a 233-page young adult novel written by Marc Cerasini in 1996. It is the first of the Random House Godzilla young adult novel series.


1954 - Tokyo, Japan, is leveled by a gigantic rampaging monster – a force more powerful than a tsunami, more devastating than an atomic bomb. The creature is supposedly killed. But the few who survive his attack are forever haunted by a paralyzing fear that he could rise again...

1996 – Brian Shimura, a Japanese-American college student, has just arrived in Tokyo to work as a newspaper intern. His first assignment is to help investigate the so-called “return” of some legendary dinosaur monster. But when the fiery destruction begins, Brian’s skepticism is quickly transformed into awesome dread. This mythic monster is no myth...GODZILLA HAS COME BACK TO RAGE AGAIN!


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  • While a separate continuity from Toho's Heisei films, Godzilla in the Random House novels is based on the powered-up form of his Heisei series counterpart and is confirmed to have some of the same powers (atomic breath, super regeneration, absorption of radiation).
  • Just like his film counterpart, he is believed to be a dinosaur mutated by atomic tests due to a photograph taken in the 1940s during the Pacific War that shows a large dinosaur and was initially dismissed as a hoax until the first attack in 1954.
  • Curiously he is heavier than his film counterpart, with an estimated weight of 65,000 tons, whereas the heaviest his Heisei film counterpart ever got was 60,000 tons (page 96).
  • The novel incorrectly calls the Type 75 self-propelled howitzers armed with cadmium missiles Type 75 tanks.
  • A brief description from Chapter 3 has a marquee read "Metallica - Live!" on the date May 12, 1998. While the novel was written in 1996, the heavy metal band Metallica did play in Tokyo on May 6-8, 1998.
    • In Chapter 8, a throwaway line mentions that "Kevin Costner's new movie is getting panned by the critics." Kevin Costner would later direct and star in The Postman, which was indeed critically panned and released in Japan in March 1998.
  • Chapter 17 features the soldiers Captain Honda and Sergeant Tsuburaya, named after Ishiro Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya, the director/special effects director duo responsible for the original Godzilla, among others.


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