Godzilla vs. G-Force Superweapon Manual

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Godzilla vs. G-Force Superweapon Manual
Godzilla vs. G-Force Superweapon Manual
Publisher MediaWorks, Inc.
Publish date April 10, 1995
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4073026984
ISBN-13: 978-4073026983

Godzilla vs. G-Force Superweapon Manual (ゴジラvsGフォース超兵器マニュアル) is a 1995 informational book focused on the Heisei series's G-Force.


The book was published by MediaWorks, Inc. on April 10, 1995 and has 112 pages. Read from right to left, it contains information on the many aspects of G-Force and anti-Godzilla weapons, including MOGUERA, Mecha-King Ghidorah, Super X, Super X2, and other vehicles and weapons.[1]


Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla Battle Report ゴジラVSスペースゴジラ決戦レポート (p. 2)
Godzilla and Little ゴジラ&リトル (p. 8)
SpaceGodzilla (p. 10)
MOGUERA (p. 12)
Anti-G Weapons Concentration!! 歴代対G兵器結集!! (p. 14)

  • Anti-G Weapons Manual ◼対G兵器マニュアル
  • Progress of the United Nations G Countermeasures Center ◼国連G対策センターの歩み
    • (p. 66) Departure of the Anti-G Super Weapons 対G超兵器の発進
    • (p. 92) Establishment of the United Nations G Countermeasures Center 国連G対策センターの設立
    • (p. 98) Anti-G Combat Unit G-Force 対G戦闘部隊Gフォース
    • (p. 106) To Become a G-Force Member Gフォース隊員になるには
    • (p. 108) This Special Disaster: Mothra, Battra Attack これぞ特殊災害 モスラ、バトラ襲来
    • (p. 110) Godzilla-Related Chronology ゴジラ関連年表



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