Merian C. Cooper's King Kong

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Merian C. Cooper's King Kong
Merian C. Cooper's King Kong
  • Joe DeVito
  • Brad Strickland
Illustrated by Joe DeVito
Cover by
  • Joe DeVito (illustration)
  • Karen Horton (design)
Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
Publish date October 1, 2005
Pages 203
Genre Novelization, adventure, horror
ISBN ISBN-10: 0312349157
ISBN-13: 978-0312349158
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Merian C. Cooper's King Kong is a 2005 rewrite of the 1932 novelization of the original King Kong by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland, featuring illustrations by DeVito. Authorized by the estate of King Kong's original creator Merian C. Cooper, the novel serves as the basis of DeVito's King Kong of Skull Island media property alongside the prequel/sequel novel Kong: King of Skull Island, originally published earlier that same year. It was originally published by St. Martin's Griffin on October 1, 2005.


For years, American filmmaker and showman Carl Denham has been recognized for his movies of untamed nature, shot in exotic locations around the globe. Now, in late 1932, he's about to embark on his most dangerous gamble - to film the movie that could make or ruin his reputation. Along with first mate Jack Driscoll, a camera crew, and actress Ann Darrow, guided only by an arcane map, Denham sets sail for the lost world of Skull Island.

What they encounter there exceeds even their wildest nightmares. The island's peninsula is shielded by a giant wall, built by a long-vanished civilization, which protects the inhabitants from something on the other side - something monstrous, all-powerful... and terribly alive. Danger becomes deadly when Denham, Driscoll, and the beautiful Ann Darrow come face-to-face with the beast-god of Skull Island, King Kong.

Since its release in 1933, Merian C. Cooper's film King Kong has shocked and delighted generations of movie fans, setting the standard against which all special-effects movies have been judged ever since. Merian C. Cooper's King Kong, fully authorized by Cooper's estate, is a full, expanded rewrite of the 1932 novel, bringing his original vision back to today's fans.


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Characters and monsters

Weapons, vehicles, and races

Differences from the 1932 novelization

  • Denham's first name is specified as "Carl," whereas in the original novelization it is never revealed.
  • The island which Kong inhabits is called Skull Island, as opposed to "Skull Mountain Island."


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