Godzilla Singular Point (novelization)

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Godzilla Singular Point
Godzilla Singular Point (novelization)
Author(s) Toh EnJoe
Edited by Kayo Chiba
Cover by Suguru Akiyama
Publisher Shueisha
Publish date July 31, 2022
Pages 448
Dimensions 5.28 x 1.06 x 7.64 inches
Genre Science fiction
ISBN ISBN-10: 4087900819
ISBN-13: 978-4087900811
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Godzilla Singular Point (ゴジラ S.P (シンギュラポイント),   Gojira Shingyura Pointo) is a novelization of the 2021 anime series of the same name written by Toh EnJoe. It was published by Shueisha on July 31, 2022.


  1. Prologue プロローグ
  2. Night of the Summer Festival 夏祭りの夜
  3. Beast of the Sky 空の獣
  4. Mei Kamino 神野銘
  5. Rodan Appears ラドン出現
  6. Yun Arikawa 有川ユン
  7. Rodan Again ラドン再び
  8. Shunya Sato 佐藤隼也
  9. Rodan Swarm ラドンの群れ
  10. Li Guiying 李桂英
  11. Triple Plate Junction Off of Boso 房総沖プレート三重点
  12. Strange Properties of Archetype: Part 1 アーキタイプの奇妙な性質・その一
  13. Anguirus アンギラス
  14. You 御前
  15. Pelops II ペロ2
  16. Bearach Byrne ベイラ・バーン
  17. Beast of Land 陸の獣
  18. Satomi Kanahara 金原さとみ
  19. Whale Strike 勇魚撃ち
  20. Beast of Water 水の獣
  21. The Rodans Spread ラドン拡散
  22. Michael Steven マイケル・スティーブン
  23. Blocked Uraga Line 浦賀阻止線
  24. Möbius Strip メビウスの帯
  25. sp.
  26. Ice IX アイスナイン
  1. Kumonga クモンガ
  2. Yukie Kanoko 鹿子行江
  3. Strange Properties of Archetype: Part 2 アーキタイプの奇妙な性質・その二
  4. Chrysalis サナギ
  5. Salunga サルンガ
  6. Evolution 進化
  7. Chrysalis Destruction Operation サナギ破壊作戦
  8. Cells 細胞
  9. Kai カイ
  10. Shut Down シャットダウン
  11. Tsunetomo Yamamoto 山本常友
  12. Naratake ナラタケ
  13. March 行進
  14. Haberu ハベル
  15. Satori サトリ
  16. All-Out Attack 総攻撃
  17. Catastrophe 破局
  18. Signal 信号
  19. Godzilla Ultima ゴジラ・ウルティマ
  20. Tilda ティルダ
  21. Pelops II.IV ペロ2.4
  22. Jet Jaguar PP ジェットジャガーPP
  23. Godzilla ゴジラ
  24. Disappearance 消失
  25. End of the Battle たたかいのおわり
  26. Epilogue エピローグ

Differences from the series

  • The first appearance of Rodan is told from its perspective.[1]
  • Other members of Anguirus's species are mentioned, with sightings being reported in New Mexico.[2]




Weapons, vehicles, races and organizations



This is a list of references for Godzilla Singular Point (novelization). These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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  2. @KyoeiToshi (19 January 2023). "For all of Anguirus SP's fans, HE YET LIVES! Sort of. Seems like that's a species name in SP. like the Radon. In the novel, they're spotted in the American New Mexico Prefecture". Twitter.
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  4. @KyoeiToshi (9 September 2022). "In a segment that occurs before the first episode of the SP anime, the being that is the Singular Point muses. It has no name and is a truly cosmic being-it experiences all time and space, all dimensions, all alternative timelines, at once. 1/3". Twitter.
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