Godzilla - King of Monstermaker

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Godzilla - King of Monstermaker
Godzilla - King of Monstermaker
Author(s) Shinichi Wakasa
Publisher Yosensha
Publish date October 6, 2017
Genre Art, Information
ISBN ISBN-13: 9784800313430

Godzilla - King of Monstermaker (ゴジラの工房 若狭新一造形写真集,   Gojira no Kōbō Wakasa Shin'ichi Zōkei Shashin-shū, lit. Godzilla's Studio: Shinichi Wakasa Art Photo Album) is an art book covering Shinichi Wakasa's work on the Godzilla franchise and other kaiju films produced by Toho. It was released on October 7, 2017.


The 280-page book was published on October 7, 2017. The book's format is A4.[1]



『ゴジラVSメカゴジラ』からゴジラシリーズに参加し、 『モスラ3』からは造形プロデューサーとして造形部門を統括。 「ミレニアムシリーズ」のゴジラ像を作り上げ、 世界中のゴジラファンをいまでも夢中にさせている若狭新一の仕事。 その造形の現場で撮影された膨大な記録写真を一冊にまとめた、 ゴジラ映画製作の記録完全保存版!!"[1]


This book compiles information and artwork regarding Shinichi Wakasa's work on Toho's kaiju films and the Godzilla series, primarily the Millennium series films.

The films covered in the book are as follows:

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