The Pictorial Book of Godzilla

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The Pictorial Book of Godzilla
Cover of The Pictorial Book of Godzilla
Author(s) Masami Yamada
Publisher Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.
Publish date January 27, 1995
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4894250594
ISBN-13: 978-4894250598

The Pictorial Book of Godzilla (大ゴジラ図鑑,   Dai Gojira Zukan, lit. Giant Godzilla Pictorial Book) is a 1995 informational book which features behind the scenes images and stills from the original Godzilla through Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla.


The book was published on January 27, 1995 by Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.[1] It was authored by Masami Yamada, supervised by Yuji Nishimura, and published with Koichi Sato. The Pictorial Book of Godzilla contains a collective 1100 images along with behind the scenes information from all the Godzilla films.

The beginning of the book contains a brief description for all the Showa and Heisei Godzilla movies (except Godzilla vs. Destoroyah) with color images. The "Preface" section contains an introduction to Godzilla, all of the different eras of Godzilla, the release timeline of the movies along with the names of the Godzilla suits and the other monsters introduced in each movie. This section also defines all the terminology and subsections that will be used in the book, such as "SET," "BODY," "FACE," "POOL," "MAKING," "BEHIND," "EXHIBITION," "Another G" (used for the sections for Gomess and Jirahs) and "Variation G" (for related characters such as Minilla). The rest of the book gives hundreds of images for Godzilla's film appearrances throughout the years, each film found within a section divided between "The Dawn" (1954-1962), "Golden Age" (1964-1966), "Maturity" (1967-1972), "Revival" (1973-1984), and "Renewal" (1989-1994).

Examples of content within The Pictorial Book of Godzilla include: the making and design details of all the Godzilla suits, as well as of the "Gigantis Godzilla" suit created for The Volcano Monsters, the unmade American edit of Godzilla Raids Again, "Snowman vs. Godzilla" images, and info on the Godzilla suits' usage by Tsuburaya Productions for kaiju from the Ultra Series. The book focuses solely on the Godzilla character, but occasionally touches upon related characters such as the Godzillasaurus or BabyGodzilla.


Japanese description from BOOK Database:[1]


Japanese description from MARC Database:[1]



  • Godzilla Movies Color Graffiti ゴジラ映画カラーグラフィティ (p. 2)
  • Contents 目次 (p. 25)
  • Preface (p. 26)
  • Chapter 1: The Dawn (1954▶1962) [ゴジラ誕生] (p. 29)
  • Chapter 2: Golden Age (1964▶1966) [世界に進撃するゴジラ] (p. 65)
  • Chapter 3: Maturity (1967▶1972) [怪獣ブーム勃発] (p. 101)
  • Chapter 4: Revival (1973▶1984) [怪獣王座決定戦] (p. 135)
  • Chapter 5: Renewal (1989▶1994) [リニューアルゴジラ] (p. 163)

By Film [作品別]

By Godzilla Type [ゴジラ・タイプ別]

Making [メイキング]

Column [コラム]

  • (p. 42) Purification Rite Ceremony 修祓式
  • (p. 52) Publicity パブリシティ
  • (p. 54) "Snowman vs. Godzilla" 「雪男対ゴジラ」
  • (p. 78) "Frankenstein vs. Godzilla" 「フランケンシュタイン対ゴジラ」
  • (p. 86) Toho and Tsuburaya Productions 東宝と円谷プロ
  • (p. 94) Exhibition for Godzilla 展示用ゴジラ
  • (p. 122) Let's Meet Godzilla ゴジラと会おう
  • (p. 142) Zone Fighter
  • (p. 150) Attraction Godzilla アトラクションゴジラ
  • (p. 160) Cybot Godzilla サイボットゴジラ
  • (p. 161) Resurrection Movement 復活のムーブメント
  • (p. 186) Attraction Godzilla アトラクションゴジラ
  • (p. 197) Subsequent G Gのその後
  • (p. 199) Godzilla's Texture ゴジラのテクスチャー


Interview: The Men Who Made G [インタビュー・Gを作った男たち]

Contribution: New Generation G [寄稿・ニュージェネレーションG]

Special Contribution: Memories of the Special Occasion [特別寄稿・特美時代の想い出]



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