Godzilla vs. the Space Monster

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Godzilla vs. the Space Monster
Godzilla vs. the Space Monster
Author(s) Scott Ciencin
Publisher Random House
Publish date March 31, 1998
Pages 108
Genre Children's novels, Fiction
ISBN ISBN-10: 0679889027
ISBN-13: 978-0679889021

Godzilla vs. the Space Monster is a children's novel written by Scott Ciencin, illustrated by Bob Eggleton, and published in 1998 by Random House. It is the sequel to Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island.


This time it's personal!

Twelve-year-old Troy Richmond wishes something interesting would happen in his boring life. He gets his wish when a chunk of space rock lands near his Indiana home and plants a message in his mind. King Ghidorah, a terrible three-headed dragon, is coming to destroy the Earth, and the rock tells Troy how to defeat it!

When King Ghidorah arrives, it attacks Godzilla's friends on Monster Island. Godzilla takes it very personally. But even Godzilla's rage cannot stop this terrible monster from space.

Now Godzilla's only hope lies with a kid from Indiana!


The story is about Troy Richmond, a child living in Indiana who finds a meteor from the same planet as King Ghidorah. A being from that planet then enters Troy's mind. The golden dragon makes it way to Earth and attacks Monster Island, angering the quarreling monsters there. King Ghidorah then proceeds to begin destroying human cities, and Troy, with telepathic powers given to him by the alien in his mind, is forced to unite the monsters. They all eventually join Godzilla and finally dispatch the dragon by encasing it in a giant crystal that was placed on Earth by an alien civilization to monitor human civilization. The being in Troy's mind leaves him, promising to keep control of King Ghidorah and prevent it from ever destroying civilizations again. Finally, Monster Island is closed to humans, leaving the monsters alone and free.




  • Though resembling Destroy All Monsters in its conflict between King Ghidorah and the many residents of Monster Island, Godzilla vs. the Space Monster extends the concept, with no less than five battles taking place between the two parties. In addition, the book incorporates some elements of Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, namely an alien being whose civilization was destroyed by King Ghidorah entering the mind of a human. King Ghidorah's point of origin is given as the Hunter D Nebula, a nod to the M Space Hunter Nebula from Godzilla vs. Gigan.
  • The book's version of King Ghidorah has his origin directly paralleled with Godzilla, a first for an extraterrestrial incarnation of the kaiju. As Hiro explains to Troy: "We found some golden scales in the piece of Doomsday Rock you encountered. They were part of King Ghidorah. We tested them and believe the process used to create this space monster is similar to the means we accidentally used to create Godzilla."
  • As in Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island, Manda's trademark icon appears on the book's back cover despite the character never appearing in the story. It is possible this was either an error or that Toho felt the snake monsters Rattler and Yellowback were similar enough to Manda to require use of the license.


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