Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction

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Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction
Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction
Author(s) Tomoyuki Tanaka
Publisher Shogakukan Inc.
Publish date July 15, 1984 (1st Edition)
Genre Information
ISBN ISBN-10: 4092201427

Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction (決定版ゴジラ入門,   Hakkō Ketteihan Gojira Nyūmon) is an informational book profiling the Godzilla franchise. Its first edition was released on July 15, 1984.


The 181-page book, written by one of Godzilla's creators, Tomoyuki Tanaka, was originally published on July 15, 1984 and obtained multiple re-releases throughout the 1980s and 1990s. This is the 142nd book in the Beginner's Encyclopedia Series, under the Hero subseries, focusing on Godzilla (入門百科シリーズ ヒーロー Godzilla,   Hyakka Shirīzu Hīrō Gojira, Beginner's Encyclopedia Series - Hero - Godzilla). All of the future editions share the same ISBN number.

Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction contains a multitude of exclusive information about the Showa Godzilla, including the 1954 Godzilla's origin story, how Godzilla's atomic heat ray functions, the holes in Godzilla suits' necks being explained in-universe as being gills, etc; plus information on other Godzilla monsters from Giant Condor to the monsters that existed during the release of the edition in question. The book also features anatomical images of the Godzilla monsters, a complete fight record for all the kaiju, information on weapons, vehicles and alien races, summaries of the Godzilla movies, and other miscellaneous bits of information. It does not feature any information on non-Godzilla series monsters.

Other editions

The 7th edition was released on April 20, 1992. The 14th edition was released on November 20, 1996.


Contents of the 14th edition:

Four-color Frontispiece: Godzilla Appears! 4色口絵 ゴジラあらわる!

Chapter 1: What Kind of Monster is Godzilla? 第1章 ゴジラはどんな怪獣か?

  • (p. 12) What is Godzilla? ゴジラとはなんだろう?
  • (p. 16) Let's Examine Godzilla's Characteristics ① ゴジラの特徴を調べよう①
  • (p. 18) Let's Examine Godzilla's Characteristics ② ゴジラの特徴を調べよう②
  • (p. 20) How Godzilla's Appearance Has Changed ゴジラの姿はこのように変わった
  • (p. 24) Let's Examine Godzilla's Behavior ゴジラの行動を調べよう
    • (p. 24) Emerging from the Sea and Swimming 海からあらわれて泳ぐ
    • (p. 25) Hiding in the Water 水中にもぐってひそむ
    • (p. 26) Landing and Destroying Buildings, etc. 上陸して糧物などを破かいする
    • (p. 27) Walking and Running 歩くにとも走ることもできる
    • (p. 28) Shaking the Tail to Keep Body Balance 尾を振ってからだのバランスを取る
    • (p. 29) Barking When Alerted or Threatened おどしたり警戒する特にほえる
    • (p. 30) Eating Whales and Fish クジラや魚を食べる
    • (p. 31) Falling Asleep Anywhere どこでも寝てしまう
    • (p. 32) Hard-Repelling Missiles ミサイルをはね返す堅いからだ
    • (p. 33) Lungs That Work in Other Planets ほかの星でも活動できる肺
    • (p. 34) Vulnerable to High-Voltage Currents 高圧電流に弱い
    • (p. 35) Ceases Activity in the Cold 寒さの中では活動がにぶくなる
    • (p. 36) Energy Accumulation and Awakening エネルギーがたまると目ざめる
    • (p. 37) Gradually Getting Used to Brightness だんだんと明るさに慣れる
    • (p. 38) Expressions That Resemble Emotions 感情をあらわす表情も豊かだ
    • (p. 39) Laughing and Fist-Pumping 笑ったりガッツポーズを取る
  • (p. 40) Let's Examine Godzilla's Abilities and Weapons ゴジラの能力・武器を調べよう
    • (p. 40) The Power of Atomic Breath 放射火炎の威力
    • (p. 42) Defeating Enemies with His Tail 尾で敵を倒す
    • (p. 43) Jump with the Tail 尾を使ってジャンプする
    • (p. 44) Megaton Punch 腕からら放つメガトン・パンチ
    • (p. 45) Trampling Buildings 建物などをふみつぶす
    • (p. 46) Flinging Arms and Body 腕とからだで投げ飛ばす
    • (p. 47) Godzilla's Tactic of Hand-to-Hand Combat ゴジラの肉弾戦法
    • (p. 48) Rock-Hard Head 岩もくだく堅い頭
    • (p. 49) Big Mouth to Bite Opponents 相手にかみつく大きな口
  • (p. 50) How Big is Godzilla? ゴジラはどのくらいの大きさか?
  • (p. 52) Anatomical Drawing = Godzilla 完全図解=ゴジラ
  • (p. 54) How did the Original Godzilla Appear? 初代ゴジラはどうしてあらわれたか?
  • (p. 59) All About Minillaミニラのすべて①
  • (p. 60) All About Minilla ② ミニラのすべて②

Chapter 2: Death Battle Between Godzilla and Monsters 第2章 ゴジラと怪獣たちの死闘

  • (p. 104) Dream Monster Showdown 1: Godzilla vs. Moguera 夢の怪獣対決1=ゴジラ対モゲラ
  • (p. 106) Dream Monster Showdown 2: Godzilla vs. Sanda and Gaira 夢の怪獣対決2=ゴジラ対サンダ・ガイラ
  • (p. 108) Dream Monster Showdown 3: Godzilla vs. Gezora 夢の怪獣対決3=ゴジラ対ゲゾラ

Chapter 3: Let's Investigate Godzilla's Secrets 第3章 ゴジラのひみつをさぐろう

  • (p. 110) Where Godzilla was Born and Map of Appearances ゴジラの生まれたところと出現地図
  • (p. 112) Let's Investigate How Atomic Breath Works 放射能火炎のしくみをさぐろう
  • (p. 114) This is Godzilla's Identity! これがゴジラの正体だ!
  • (p. 122) This is Monsterland! これが怪獣ランドだ!
  • (p. 124) Secret of Monsterland 怪獣ランドのひみつ

Chapter 4: Battle Between Godzilla and Mankind 第4章 ゴジラと人類の戦い

  • (p. 126) How Did Mankind Fight Godzilla? 人類はどのようにゴジラと戦ったか?
  • (p. 128) Capture Godzilla With the Current Attack! 電流攻撃でゴジラをとらえろ!
  • (p. 130) Drop Godzilla in the Frozen Pit! 冷凍落とし穴にゴジラを落とせ!
  • (p. 132) Cover Godzilla with a Reflective Dome! 反射ドームでゴジラをおおえ!
  • (p. 134) Air Weapons 1 航空兵器1
  • (p. 136) Air Weapons 2 航空兵器2
  • (p. 138) Land Weapons 陸上兵器
  • (p. 140) Sea Weapons 海の兵器
  • (p. 142) Superweapons 1 超兵器1
  • (p. 144) Superweapons 2 超兵器2
  • (p. 146) Superweapons 3 (Maser Ray Vehicles) 超兵器3(メーザー殺獣光線車)
  • (p. 148) Superweapons 4 超兵器4
  • (p. 150) Superweapons 5 (Moonlight SY-3) 超兵器5(ムーンライトSY-3号)
  • (p. 152) Superweapons 6 超兵器6
  • (p. 154) Alien Super-Science Weapons 宇宙人超科学兵器
  • (p. 156) Dream Confrontation: Godzilla vs. Gotengo 夢の対決=ゴジラ対海底軍艦

Chapter 5: These Are Godzilla Movies 第5章 これがゴジラ映画だ

Godzilla Term Dictionary ゴジラ用語事典 (p. 176)


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