Godzilla: Tokyo SOS Super Complete Works

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Godzilla: Tokyo SOS Super Complete Works
Godzilla: Tokyo SOS Super Complete Works
Publisher Shogakukan
Publish date January 1, 2004
Genre Reference
ISBN ISBN-10: 4091014933
ISBN-13: 978-4091014931

Godzilla: Tokyo SOS Super Complete Works (ゴジラ×モスラ×メカゴジラ 東京SOS 超全集) is a 2004 informational book focused on Godzilla: Tokyo SOS.


The book was published by Shogakukan on January 1, 2004 and has 58 pages. Read from right to left, it contains information on the film's monsters, vehicles, characters, the timeline of the Kiryu series, and behind-the-scenes photos.[1] The Kindle version has 62 pages.


  • Message from the Staff Who Made Godzilla (p. 2)
  • Character Encyclopedia (p. 3)
  • Godzilla: Tokyo SOS Battle Scene (p. 14)
  • Godzilla: Tokyo SOS Complete Capture
    • (p. 27) Do You Remember the Battle of Godzilla and Kiryu a Year Ago?! 1年前のゴジラと機龍の戦いを君は覚えているか!?
    • (p. 28) Story Digest & Person Directory スートーリーダイジェスト&人物名鑑
    • (p. 30) Godzilla, Mothra, Kiryu Battle Map
    • (p. 32) Type-3 Kiryu Has Changed
    • (p. 34) Mothra That Appeared 43 Years Ago
    • (p. 36) Approaching the Mystery of the Giant Turtle Monster Kamoebas!! 大亀怪獣カメーバの謎に迫る!!
    • (p. 38) The Self-Defense Forces Saved the Cells of Giant Organisms!! 特生自衛隊は巨大生物の細胞を保管していた!!
    • (p. 40) Interview with Hiroshi Koizumi
  • Cast & Staff List (p. 42)
  • Making of Godzilla: Tokyo SOS
    • (p. 43) Molding 造形
    • (p. 48) Shooting 撮影
      • (p. 48) Tokusatsu
      • (p. 52) Special Art Toshio Miike Interview
      • (p. 54) Main Shooting 本編撮影
    • (p. 56) Visual Effects
    • (p. 57) Mothra's Song



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