Godzilla vs. Barubaroi

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Godzilla vs. Barubaroi
Concept art for the film
Alternate titles Godzilla vs. Barbaroi
Planned 1995
Concept history Godzilla vs. Giant Monster Varan
Godzilla vs. Godzilla
Godzilla vs. Ghost Godzilla
Godzilla vs. Baraguirus
Godzilla vs. Chaos
Godzilla vs. the Divine Beast
Godzilla vs. Bagan
Godzilla vs. Junior Godzilla
Godzilla vs. Deep-Sea Life
Godzilla vs. Biomonster
Godzilla vs. Super Nuked Godzilla
Godzilla vs. Lambda
Godzilla vs. Barubaroi
Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
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Godzilla vs. Barubaroi (ゴジラVSバルバロイ,   Gojira tai Barubaroi) was an unmade 1995 Godzilla film, with a treatment written by Hideki Oka.


As Godzilla begins to reach the end of his lifespan, he must battle an ever-evolving monster named Barubaroi, who was mutated by the Oxygen Destroyer. The maturing Junior also joins the fray. At the same time, G-Force Commander Takaaki Aso finds himself ideologically clashing with the youthful scientist Dr. Fuyuhiko Tsubaki, who had begun a quest to recreate the Oxygen Destroyer after studying Barubaroi's biology. With Tsubaki spearheading the recreation project at G-Force and Aso demoted, the former commander fears the recreated Oxygen Destroyer could become a disastrous new weapon wielded by the military-industrial complex. Racing against time, Aso embarks on a dangerous mission to put an end to both Godzilla and Barubaroi with a new incarnation of the Super-X, the Super-X3 Gotengo.


After several drafts considering Godzilla facing a ghostly version of the original Godzilla, the decision was made to create an original monster to be Godzilla's final opponent for the Heisei series. Among several proposals, this treatment was the first to connect the plot back to the original 1954 film with the origins of the antagonist monster and the possibility of recreating the Oxygen Destroyer. These two plot threads would survive into the final film.

Toho Kingdom translated and published a complete story proposal by Oka in 2020, offering a very complete view of how the plot was planned out for at least one draft of the treatment.[1]

Concept art for a deformed insectoid creature resembling Anguirus is included among concept art for Godzilla vs. Ghost Godzilla from the book Heisei Godzilla Perfection, and is speculated to be the creature Barubaroi transforming to imitate Anguirus. It is unknown what role Anguirus or the imitation would have played. As the film's screenplay was rewritten, it was decided to follow the example of the discarded Godzilla vs. Ghost Godzilla film and revise the treatment while shedding some of the subplots. Barubaroi was renamed Destoroyah and altered to resemble a crustacean with its metamorphic abilities toned down. Other changes included Commander Aso's plot being removed and replaced with more emphasis on Miki Saegusa, and the manipulative, cynical Dr. Fuyuhiko Tsubaki being remodeled into the much more upstanding Dr. Kensaku Ijuin. Ultimately, the film became Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.



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