Reigon: Devil of the Seabed

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Reigon: Devil of the Seabed
Script for Reigon: Devil of the Seabed
Alternate titles Reigon; The Great Devil Living at the Bottom of the Sea, Reigon
Planned 1966
Intended Release 1966
Concept history Gappa

Reigon: Devil of the Seabed (海底の魔王レイゴン,   Kaitei no maō Reigon) is an unmade 1966 Nikkatsu film.


Reigon was the fourth and final unmade film in a series of concepts Nikkatsu Company had before making Gappa.[1][2][3]

Reigon got the furthest into the development out of the four scrapped projects, receiving a plot synopsis, speculative screenplay, and kaiju ideas.

Planning was done by Hideo Kodama, the draft was written by Shun'ichi Yukimuro and Ryuzo Nakanishi.


A giant manta ray dubbed "Reigon" appears one day and wreaks havoc across the world--and then fights a giant iguana.


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