It Ate Cleveland

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It Ate Cleveland
Poster created for the film
Alternate titles Godzilla vs. Cleveland[1]
Planned 1984-1988
He emerged from the depths of Lake Erie and ate everything in sight.
He's a man eater and a lady killer...

— Taglines

It Ate Cleveland is an unrealized spoof of Japanese monster movies.


Ohioans are in danger from a ravenous monster breeding in the contaminated waters of Lake Erie.


It Ate Cleveland was a project originally conceived as a spoof of Japanese kaiju films, with a treatment written by Dana Olsen, featuring a monster resembling Godzilla breeding in Lake Erie.

According to the poster, the film would have been directed by Gene Quintano, written by Dana Olsen, and produced by a group of companies known as The Cannon Group, Inc. A lawsuit threatened by Toho prompted the cancellation of the film after it was retitled Godzilla vs. Cleveland.[1][2] The film was put on hold until 1987, when it was given its original title, but the film was never made despite two attempts.[1]



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