Probe Bat

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Probe Bat
Probe Bat Concept Art
Alternate names Gryphon Bat, Probe-Bat
Species Gryphon alien-mutated bats
Planned for Godzilla (1994)

The Probe Bats (プローブ·バット,   Purōbu Batto) are unmade bat kaiju from the unmade 1994 American Godzilla film, Godzilla.


The Probe Bat's design varies by concept art, however the Stan Winston model heavily resembles the Gryphon, but lacks any back legs making the creature appear more serpentine. The model also bears two large fangs on the lower jaw, with ears and wings that also bear a heavy resemblance to those of bats, the wings being very large, having twelve-foot wingspans. The tail also has a forked tip.


Godzilla (1994)

In lake Apopka, the bio-metallic meteor begins to stir like a mass of liquid metal, enters a cave and absorbs a whole colony of bats creating the Probe Bats. In Kentucky, the Probe Bats continued to absorb animals after Godzilla appeared in San Francisco, returning to the cave with their genetic collections to deliver to the main mass of the probe, the Gryphon, which is slowly starting to take on a definitive form. Vaught, upon hearing Kenoshita's story, concludes that Godzilla was headed for Kentucky, where the meteor crashed. When Vought finds a tunnel leading to the a series of caves and gets to the probe, it had already become the Gryphon.



The Probe Bats can fly.

Genetic material absorption

The Probe Bats can absorb the genetic material of Earth animals.



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