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Script for Devil-Manta
Alternate titles Devil Manta, Devil-Manta Space Monster, Devil Manta Space Monster
Planned 1978
Intended release 1978
Concept history Message from Space

Devil-Manta (デビルマンタ,   Debirumanta, lit. Devil Manta) is an unmade 1978 Toei film.


Devil-Manta was the second and last unmade film concept Toei considered before making Message from Space, following the King Kong inspired project Kongorilla.[1]

The first draft was done by Shotaro Ishinomori and written by Susumu Takaku and Hajime Sato. Planning of the project was done by Toru Hirayama and Yajima Nobuo, and was to be directed by Hajime Sato and have special effects done by Nobuo Yajima.


A giant flying manta ray from the void appears one day and begins wreaking havoc on the Earth.[1][2]



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