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Berserk concept art
Alternate names Mechagodzilla, Berserker
Species Metallic alien organism
Enemies Godzilla, humans
Planned for Godzilla vs. Berserk
Concept history BerserkTransforming MechagodzillaMechagodzilla

Berserk (ベルサーク,   Berusaaku) is an unused mecha from the unmade 1993 Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Berserk.


A prototype for what would become the Heisei incarnation of Mechagodzilla, Berserk began as an alien organism that arrived on Earth and began assimilating metal into itself, becoming a huge mass of wires and machinery. Eventually, Berserk would take the form of a mechanical Godzilla, in an attempt to emulate the dominant lifeform on Earth. Toho ultimately decided to make Mechagodzilla a human-built weapon designed to defend mankind from Godzilla, and Berserk was scrapped.[1]


Metal absorption

Beserk could absorb metal to grow larger.


Beserk could mimic the appearence of other lifeforms.


Although what kind is unspecified, the original proposal mentioned several weapons in the mouth, neck, and chest.



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