Queen Bitch

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Queen Bitch
Queen Bitch
Species Termite-like insect queen
Enemies Godzilla
Planned for GODZILLA 2 (1998)

Queen Bitch is the queen of a giant termite-like species of creatures from the unmade 1998 GODZILLA sequel.



Two years after Godzilla attacked New York City, a race of termite-like insects has rose to power on its birthplace of Monster Island. With their population unchecked, they set their sights on humans, abducting them from village in Fiji, a cruise ship off the coast of Australia, and an Indonesian jumbo jet. General Anthony Hicks leads a Global Task Force which believes a second Godzilla is responsible after a mysterious giant egg hatches in a New England town. While a second Godzilla does exist, having been led to safety by Niko Tatopoulos after it survived the destruction of Madison Square Garden, it is living peacefully in Australia with a brood of offspring. Nick and French agent Philippe Roaché discover it there already under observation by a biologist, Anna Charlton. Meanwhile, another egg appears outside Sydney, Australia. After the trio finds that Godzilla still subsides on a diet of fish, not humans, they travel to Monster Island in the hopes of discovering the true culprits. There they find three varieties of the mutated termites: winged insects who have been carrying out the global attacks, terrestrial insects who usher their captives underground, and a Queen Bitch who reigns over them all. She takes flight, departing the island.

Nick and Anna plan to lure Godzilla back to Monster Island to control their population, but Philippe has already revealed the monster's location to the Global Task Force. By the time they return, the military has already killed all but one of its offspring, the runt of the litter. Godzilla and the Runt flee underground, but emerge in Sydney to challenge the Queen Bitch. After a lengthy fight, she paralyzes Godzilla with a sting to the throat, then seemingly kills the Runt and abducts Anna. An enraged Godzilla torches the egg and pursues her towards Monster Island. The Global Defense Force follows with fighter jets and an AH-64 Apache carrying Hicks, Nick, and Philippe. The winged insects destroy every last fighter and knock the helicopter out of the sky, then turn their attention to Godzilla along with their terrestrial brethren. He counters with atomic breath. Nick and Philippe rescue Anna and hundreds of other human captives underground, only to face the Queen Bitch on their way to the surface. Godzilla intervenes, slaying the insect in their rematch.

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