Godzilla vs. Gamera (unmade 2002 film)

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Godzilla vs. Gamera
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Planned 2002
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A Godzilla and Gamera crossover film, nicknamed Godzilla vs. Gamera (ゴジラvsガメラ,   Gojira tai Gamera), was planned by Kadokawa in 2002 but rejected by Toho.


Following the Kadokawa Corporation's acquisition of Daiei in July 2002, President Kazuo Kuroi announced in November that the company was considering projects based on Daiei properties, namely a remake of Daimajin and a film pitting Gamera against Toho's monster Godzilla.[1] Sometime later, Kadokawa approached Toho with the crossover idea, but was turned down.[2] Toho ultimately produced the remainder of the Godzilla series' Millennium era until 2004, and Kadokawa produced Gamera the Brave in 2006.

When asked about the concept in a 2021 interview, ex-Toho producer Shogo Tomiyama opined, "Perhaps Godzilla or tokusatsu fans would want to see it, but there would be no benefit for the filmmakers to make this movie."[3]


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