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Gamera incarnations
Gamera (GAMERA -Rebirth-)
Gamera in GAMERA -Rebirth-
The baby Gamera in GAMERA -Rebirth-
Gamera's original configuration in GAMERA -Rebirth-
Alternate names Gamera (2023), Turtle
Subtitle(s) The Child's GuardianGBL
(子供の守護神,   Kodomo no Shugoshin)
Species Ancient turtle-like monster
Height 60 meters[1][2]
Weight 800 metric tons[1][2]
Enemies Gyaos, Jiger, Zigra, Guiron, Viras, S-Gyaos
Designed by Kan Takahama, Katsuhito Ishii[a]
First appearance GAMERA -Rebirth-
episode 1, "Above Tokyo"
Latest appearance GAMERA -Rebirth-
episode 6, "Childhood's End"
Adult:Baby:More roars
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Junichi: “He's protecting us.
Joe: “No way.
Junichi and Joe observing Gamera shielding them against Guiron's attacks (GAMERA -Rebirth- episode 4, "KILL")

Gamera (ガメラ) is a giant, flying, turtle-like guardian kaiju who stars in the 2023 Netflix Original anime series GAMERA -Rebirth-. Originally created for a purification of humanity 100,000 years ago by the Eustace Foundation's predecessors, he was stolen away from them by another faction and thwarted their plot. In 1989, he returned to protect the children Boco, Joe, Junichi, and Brody from the kaiju unleashed by the Foundation in a second bid to wipe out most of humanity.


For GAMERA -Rebirth-, Gamera was designed by Kan Takahama,[3] who previously designed and modeled Toto[4] in Gamera the Brave and designed Gamera for Katsuhito Ishii's 2015 short film.[5] A guiding principle of this Gamera's design was to make him akin to a "moving mountain,"[6] an intention which was also expressed by Ishii for the 2015 Gamera.[7] Takahama also purposefully made Gamera's hands quite large when being told about his fighting style in the series.[6]


The Gamera designs featured in the 2015 short film (left) and GAMERA -Rebirth- (right)

Gamera's appearance is heavily reminiscent of the design from the 2015 short film GAMERA, specifically in the monster's posture, carapace shape, and head shape.

However, this Gamera is a dark greenish-blue in color, with bright blue-green accents on his spiked plastron. He has large, bright green eyes and a pointed snout, a row of spines down the middle of his head, a longer tail with small spikes on its top, as well as large hands and black claws. He has a sharp tusk on either side of his mouth sticking straight upwards among his pointed teeth, and his plastron is made up of smooth plates in contrast to the jagged plates covering his carapace. His arms and legs are covered in armor plating, similar to Avant Gamera and the 2015 incarnation. Similar to the Heisei incarnation of the character, this Gamera's front limbs transform into flipper-like wings when flying as well as when swimming, with bright blue jets of flame blasting out from the leg holes of his shell and the backs of his flippers. When Gamera's genetic code was altered with RNA viruses and returned to its original state, his skin turned black and his eyes changed to a red-orange color.

The baby Gamera appears similar to his adult counterpart, with some resemblance to Toto. He is a lighter green than the adult Gamera, with white claws instead of black, stubby tusks, a sharper beak, no teeth, and three rows of small bumps on top of his head.


100,000 years prior to the main events of GAMERA -Rebirth- in 1989, Gamera was used by an ancient civilization to assist in the purification of the world, but was stolen away from the Foundation and turned against them, ruining their plan of human population control.


Gamera is a fearless and heroic monster, who protects Boco and his friends no matter his pain. He is shown to be willing to both sustain heavy injuries and sacrifice himself for the saftey of the children. He is a very brutal and fierce combatant, utilizing his abilities and overall physical strength to overpower, throw, dismember, and maim his opponents. Gamera is also very intelligent, discerning exactly where the Foundation's Moon base was located, as well as that it was the root of the kaiju plaguing humanity and needed to be destroyed.


Reiwa era

GAMERA -Rebirth-

"Above Tokyo"
Gamera pins the large Gyaos and pulls on its limbs while stomping on its neck.

In the summer of 1989, after Tokyo was struck by Gyaos, Gamera saved elementary school students Boco, Joe, Junichi, and Brody from the creatures when landing from the sky and shooting a fireball at them. He crushed the small Gyaos and grabbed them out of the air, sustaining minimal damage from their Supersonic Scalpels. Gamera saw a surviving Gyaos chasing after the children, and crushed it before it could reach them. After the small creatures had been finished off, the largest Gyaos blasted Gamera with its own beam before Gamera returned fire with three shots, the third hitting Gyaos's wing. The flying monster swooped down, dodging another blast and having to circle back towards Gamera, charging its beam. It was interrupted by yet another fireball which incinerated its leg. Gyaos finally reached Gamera, sinking its claws into his shoulder while pulling him around and firing its Supersonic Scalpel at point-blank range. Gamera smacked Gyaos to the ground, stepped on its neck, and grabbed its intact wing and leg with each arm, pulling with extreme force. Gyaos was able to break free of its adversary, beginning to fly away, but Gamera yanked it back again before leaping and stomping on Gyaos's back. Gyaos attempted to counterattack with its energy weapon, but Gamera seized its head, piercing its eye with his thumb-claw. He slammed its head into the ground before grabbing it by the neck and hurling it over his shoulder. Gamera finished off Gyaos with a single direct hit from a fireball, killing Gyaos. Several U.S. fighter jets then arrived and began firing missiles at him, forcing Gamera to fly away into the sky.

"Under Current"
Gamera lifts Jiger as the kids watch.

As the U.S. military began searching for the Jiger specimens in the sewers, Gamera flew from the ocean near several warships, where they launched over twenty SM2 missiles at him. Gamera evaded many of the missiles, then utilized his electrical shockwave to destroy the final wave and disappear from radar.

As the remaining Jiger, now gigantic, destroyed military vehicles and headed towards the group of kids, Emiko, and Tazaki, whom had crashed in their transport from debris, Gamera reappeared on radar and shot a blast of flame downwards, with Jiger dodging out of the way. Gamera landed and charged towards Jiger and lifted her into the air. She began to stab him in the side repeatedly with her tail spike, until Gamera fell, throwing her into the ground. As Jiger regained her footing and began eating soldiers and civilians, Gamera grabbed her by the tail. He yanked her backwards into the air and slammed her into the ground before slashing his claws into her underbelly. Suddenly, Gamera was interrupted as the U.S. military began to bombard him with bullets and missiles, with Jiger stalking to his side and stabbing and slashing him in the chest with her tail, causing him to fall. Brody was able to convince his father to switch focus to Jiger, giving Gamera time to get up and charge his flaming fist. He jammed his flaming fist into Jiger's mouth and lifted her up, severely scorching her insides. Jiger fell limp, and Gamera threw a great distance with his fist, charging up and shooting a fireball, killing her. He then lifted off into the air and flew away.

"Run Silent, Run Deep"
Zigra begins to stretch his elastic tail as Gamera bites down on him.

As Zigra raced towards the boat transporting the kids, Emiko, and Tazaki, Gamera intercepted him from below, grabbing him and biting into his neck before plunging back into the ocean. Gamera continued dragging Zigra into the depths, biting deeper into his neck and smashing him against the ocean floor. The guardian monster immediately turned around and headed towards the surface, spinning with Zigra as he kicked his plastron. Zigra utilized his elastic tail to wrap around Gamera's neck, pulling them apart. Gamera chased after Zigra as he fled, with Zigra circling around with supercavitation and turning the tables, beginning to pursue Gamera while firing his liquid shot repeatedly. These hit Gamera's shell, with no noticeable damage being dealt, and Gamera turned around with Zigra turning in conjunction to continue the chase. Gamera dodged several more liquid shots before finally being hit in the plastron, causing him to cry out in pain. As the humans escaped in a submarine attached to the now-destroyed ship, Gamera continued being followed by Zigra, turning around to face and charge at him. Gamera began charging his electricity as they charged at each other, discharging it in a massive electrical shockwave. Gamera began sinking and Zigra was rendered disoriented for some time as it swam off to continue searching for the children.

As Zigra closed in on the electrical tower, Gamera erupted from the sea, roaring. The turtle monster crackled with electricity, and Zigra began to charge up his own energy attack while slowly extending his tail towards Gamera. Zigra suddenly leapt up, turned around, and fired his liquid shot while launching his tail at Gamera, stabbing him in the shoulder. Zigra glided towards him while firing another blast, but Gamera ducked into the water to counter it before rising back up and shooting a fireball, striking Zigra in the chest. Zigra crashed, screeched, and flailed for a few seconds before dying and burning out. Gamera turned, roared in victory, and swam off into the ocean.

Guiron flips in the air, slicing his blade against Gamera's arm.

As Guiron looked into the building at Boco and Brody, the kaiju suddenly turned his head and leaped away just in time to dodge a fireball. Suddenly a second fireball blasted through the floating mine facility, striking Guiron in the blade and flipping him into the air as Gamera flew up from the ocean. Guiron landed on his feet has Gamera touched down on the ground, and the kaiju turned to face each other, roaring. With another roar, the monsters charged each other, with Gamera smacking away the blade only for Guiron to counterattack with a slice through his thigh. Gamera shot another fireball, only for Guiron to dodge in a front flip, spinning twice to slice into Gamera's arm as the turtle monster blocked with it. Gamera charged again, hitting Gurion's blade with his claws and dodging each time as his opponent tried to bring it down on him. Gamera fired two more blasts, with Guiron jumping aside from the first and leaping over Gamera to avoid the second. Gamera finally landed a shot as Guiron touched down, but it seemed ineffective against the bladed kaiju's durable back. As Tazaki freed Emiko from rubble, Gamera continued to shoot fireballs at Guiron, with these shots being dodged each time. Guiron leaped over Gamera again, and his back blades began to crackle with bright blue electricity. His middle row of back blades locked into position and he straightened his back and started launching electrically-charged blades at Gamera, causing small cuts where they bounced off and sliced into his body, almost hitting Boco and Brody. As Guiron slowly marched forward while firing the blades, Gamera continued protecting the children. Gamera fired another flame blast at Guiron, but he leapt into the air yet again and fires another blade, hitting Gamera in the eye. Yet again, Gamera shot a fireball only for Guiron to dodge, flipping toward him and slashing through Gamera's right arm, cutting it off. Blood sprayed from the wound, and Boco yelled in pain and grabbed his right arm in the same spot. Gamera stumbled backwards into the building, and Guiron rushes forward with his nasal blade pointed straight ahead, piercing all the way through Gamera's body and out the back of his carapace. Gamera roared in pain, falling forwards as Guiron pulled his blade out of him. Gamera tucked his remaining limbs against his shell, the plates that make up his carapace stuck out, and he started his jets, spinning and hovering up from the ground. Guiron attempted to fire more blades as Gamera spins faster, but they bounced harmlessly off his shell. Gamera lifted into the air and spinned towards Guiron, with the quadruped leaping up to avoid the attack. Guiron landed and attempted to fire more blades, having to leap to avoid another oncoming attack. Gamera turned so that his spinning jets were pointed vertically and slowed to a halt before speeding upward and slicing Guiron in half length-wise. As Guiron's pieces fell into the sea, so did Gamera, still tucked into his shell.

"The Moon is a Harsh Mistress"
Gamera slams into Viras.

As Viras powered up its charged heavy particle beam, preparing to fire at the kids, Tazaki, and Dario as they escaped into space with the shuttle, a fireball erupted from the ocean and hit Viras in the side, causing it to land only a glancing blow on the shuttle. Nonetheless, the blast killed Dario in the cockpit and knocked out Tazaki. At the mine base, Gamera flew out of the ocean, roaring and rapidly shooting fireballs at Viras. All of these were rendered ineffective by Viras's electromagnetic barrier, so Gamera rushed forward and slammed into his opponent's face, tackling the squid to the ground. Gamera slashed with his claws and arm stump - not yet fully healed from his battle with Guiron - but Viras grabbed him with its tentacles and lifted him into the air before smashing him into the ground and whipping him with electrified tentacles. Viras grabbed and lifted him into the air again, running electricity into Gamera's body and causing him to roar in pain, then slamming him to the ground again. Gamera went limp as his eyes closed.

As Viras used its gravitational control to accelerate into the atmosphere after the now-falling shuttle, Gamera awakened and lifted himself off of the ground. Seeing the shapes of both Viras and the shuttle, Gamera used his leg jets to rocket himself after them. Noticing this, Viras began charging up its particle beam, firing at the approaching monster. Gamera used his own gravitational control to redirect the beam in multiple directions, taking no damage. Viras fired again, again to no effect, and Gamera continued forward, blasting straight through Viras's body, causing its two halves to fall to the ground below. Gamera spotted the falling escape pod containing Boco, Junichi, Brody, and Tazaki after Joe sacrificed himself to launch it from the shuttle. Inside the pod, the parachute malfunctioned, but the kids noticed a reptilian claw covering the window. Gamera had caught them with his remaining hand, and crashed into the ground, saving them while sustaining grievous injuries. The group got out of the escape pod and looked upon Gamera's body as orylium shards fell around them.

"Childhood's End"

As Gamera lay dormant on the beach, the children pled with Tazaki to do something to help. After initially refusing, Tazaki was convinced when Junichi explained that Gamera was their best chance of survival against the Foundation and their kaiju, and he contacted the Japanese Prime Minister.

Later on, some of the best scientists and medical professionals in all of Japan arrived to help revitalize Gamera, who had now been moved into a large, warehouse-like building. After Tazaki told them that orylium heals the kaiju, they began work on finding a solution. They were able to gather information on many of Gamera's internal functions, concluding that orylium acted as both a generator and amplifier of energy that powered the kaiju. Suddenly, Gamera's pulse began to weaken, causing alarms to go off. The children then remembered their vision, and the contraption used to revive Gamera 100,000 years ago, and explained them to the scientists. They recreated the cage that amplified the frequency of the material, slowly healing Gamera's wounds and causing him to emit a slight blue glow. As this process was underway, S-Gyaos arrived offshore and engaged the JSDF, who tried to defend Gamera until he was fully healed.

Gamera defends Boco from S-Gyaos before fully recovering.

As Boco ran as far as he could to lure S-Gyaos away and buy Gamera time to regain his strength, the guardian monster detected that Boco was in danger. Boco was trapped on a cliff as S-Gyaos approaches, but Gamera, having gotten up before fully recovering, blasted S-Gyaos with a fireball, knocking it over and away from the child. Gamera roared as he rose over the hill, and continued rapidly shooting fireballs against his opponent's hide. The monsters roared at each other and S-Gyaos charged, with Gamera hitting it away, grabbing its face, and smashing it into the ground with his remaining arm. S-Gyaos backed up a little bit and fired its Super Sonic Scalpel several times, but Gamera blocked them with his shell and armored forearm as he charged his electricity. Gamera discharged the power into an electrical shockwave, stunning S-Gyaos and causing it to fall over backwards into the water. Gamera began charging another large fireball, but S-Gyaos interrupted the fire with his extendable tongue, plunging it down Gamera's throat. Gamera attempted to pull the tongue out of his mouth, but weakened as S-Gyaos injecting RNA viruses into him. Suddenly, Commander Muneatsu Sasaki began firing at the winged monster's face and open mouth with his tank, causing S-Gyaos to reel back but not retract its tongue. Several U.S. aircraft arrived and bombarded the monster's back, with a final shot in the mouth from Sasaki causing it to release Gamera and pull back its tongue. Gamera roared and flew into the air, beginning to spin in multiple directions, creating a barrier with his jets. As Gamera lowered towards it, S-Gyaos fired several Super Sonic Scalpels, but these all deflected off against the barrier, allowing Gamera to slice into S-Gyaos, killing it and landing on its body. As Gamera emerged from his shell and stood up, the Foundation leaders activated the RNA viruses S-Gyaos had injected into him, restructuring his genetic code as it was originally intended. This caused Gamera's skin to darken from a green to a black, and his eyes turned from bright green and blue to orange and red. Gamera roared and began to slowly walk towards Boco, who screamed to Gamera that he was different from the other kaiju, which caused him to hesitate before roaring and looking at Boco. Gamera's head suddenly dropped, and his eyes changed back to their green and blue coloring. Gamera looked back up as his chest crackled with energy, and he slowly turned away from Boco, who screamed for him to stop. Gamera tilted his head back to look straight towards the sky and at the moon, and energy gathered around him and in his mouth. The energy concentrated to a singular point in Gamera's mouth before exploding out into a beam, completely eviscerating the Foundation's Moon base and blasting through the back of the Moon. Gamera stood still in the same position for a few moments before his body disintegrated, leaving behind a bright-blue glowing egg.

Well after Gamera's death, Boco, Junichi, and Brody walked into a facility and looked into a large glass tube, housing a baby Gamera in a hay nest surrounded by his eggshell. The baby gave a small, squeaking roar as he turned to look at the kids.



Gamera is capable of flight at supersonic speeds, seeming to propel himself using plasma jets from his limbs.[2][8] He was able to outmaneuver several missiles from a naval fleet in the air and utilized his jets underwater to match Zigra's swimming speed and dodge the majority of his liquid shots. He can use his jets to create a large fire boost, similar to that of a space shuttle.


After charging up with electricity, Gamera is able to expel fireballs (火焔弾,   kaendan, lit. "flame bullet")[9] from his mouth. Gamera tends to use these as a finishing move, and they are powerful enough to create large explosions, incinerate and vaporize entire kaiju body parts, and kill opponents with one direct hit. He can also rapid-fire these bullets, though to less devastating effect. In the novelization of GAMERA -Rebirth-, each fireball is described as being composed of a magma-like rotating core covered with plasma energy and pulsating electricity. It can penetrate the energy shields of other kaiju, and kill small kaiju in its vicinity without direct contact using its extreme heat and electricity.[10]

Electromagnetic Shockwave

When charging up the electricity on his chest, Gamera can discharge it in an Electromagnetic Shockwave (電磁衝撃波,   Denji Shōgekiha).[11] He used this to destroy oncoming missiles, disorient Zigra, and damage S-Gyaos.

Physical abilities

Gamera is a capable hand-to-hand combatant, using his claws to slash and maim opponents. He was strong enough to lift and toss Jiger, Gyaos, and Viras around repeatedly. Despite his size, Gamera is also quite agile, being very fast in both water and in the sky, and even being able to leap at his enemies.

Scorching Hand

Gamera is able to direct the energy used for his fireballs into his hand, igniting it into a Scorching Hand (燼滅手,   Jinmetsushu).[12] He used this against Jiger to penetrate her energy shield and heat-resistant mucus, burning her from the inside out.[12] In the novel version of GAMERA -Rebirth-, Gamera initially produced bolts of electricity from his chest which traveled to his arm, producing a large amount of steam.[12]

Shell saw

By retracting all his limbs into his shell and extending the serrated edges of his shell, Gamera can use his jets to spin and become a giant buzzsaw. This was Gamera's most effective killing tactic, instantly cutting Guiron in half.

Jet barrier

Gamera can create a barrier by retracting his limbs into his shell and using his jets to spin around at Mach speed, resulting in a shield that was able to deflect multiple shots from S-Gyaos's Supersonic Scalpel and kill it.

Gravitational control

While in space, Gamera demonstrated the ability to control gravity and redirect Viras' charged heavy particle beam.

Charged Heavy Particle Cannon

As a last-ditch attack, Gamera, similar to Viras, is able to fire a Charged Heavy Particle Cannon (荷電重粒子砲,   Kaden Jūryūshihō)[13] from his mouth, capable of reaching into space and blasting a hole through the Moon. However, this comes at the cost of his life, as his body disintegrates after using it.


Gamera, upon dying after using the Charged Heavy Particle Cannon, leaves behind an egg which hatches into a new Gamera.

Energy shield

Like other kaiju, Gamera's skin is coated with a thin layer of energy which protects him against some physical damage.[14]


Like previous incarnations, Gamera possesses a healing factor. Its capabilities range from healing small wounds to regrowing entire organs, such as his left eye after it was impaled by one of Guiron's Scale Shot blades. However, the full extent of his healing factor isn't defined, as he was unable to regenerate his severed arm. How Gamera can heal wounds is unknown, though orylium is shown to assist with his regeneration.


Gamera can "contact" humans via consciousness and can interfere with "contacts" by other kaiju, and is also capable of showing memories of other humans in the past. The chosen contact child naturally knows Gamera's name, and his name somehow makes others feel convinced that it is correct. The name also somehow gives hope to the chosen child. The chosen child also shares Gamera’s pain to an extent, as demonstrated when Boco cried out in pain and held his arm when Guiron severed Gamera’s arm. The contacted child and other children who also had a close encounter with Gamera start to grow an ability to sense kaiju approaching.[15]

Video games




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Gamera's roars in GAMERA -Rebirth-


  • While this Gamera is the same height as the Showa incarnation, he is nearly 10 times as heavy. This is somewhat consistent with the increase in body weight between Gamera in the Heisei Trilogy and Avant Gamera.
  • The depiction of Gamera's neck and postoculars[16] glowing when he uses fireballs bears some resemblance to an unused idea of Kazunori Ito and Shinji Higuchi's for Gamera the Guardian of the Universe (1995), where Gamera would split his mouth open and emit lights from his neck and postoculars when using Plasma Fireballs.[17][18] This is also similar to the sequence of Godzilla's atomic breath by Higuchi in Shin Godzilla (2016). Moreover, Gamera's chest also glows,[6] similar to Toto when using the Toto Impact in Gamera the Brave.
  • Gamera's glowing eyes somewhat resemble those of the Gamera from the Showa series and the scrapped idea for Toto's eyes to glow green.[19]
  • Gamera's discharge of electricity when spitting his fireballs and his Charged Heavy Particle Cannon are remarkably similar to Godzilla Earth and Godzilla Filius's atomic breath in the GODZILLA anime trilogy co-directed by Hiroyuki Seshita, which are also charged particle beams, while the rings of energy surrounding the Charged Heavy Particle Cannon somewhat resemble the energy rings that surround Godzilla Ultima's breath.
    • Gamera's Charged Heavy Particle Cannon is also similar to the idea of Fire Rings (ファイヤーリング,   Faiyā Ringu) surrounding Gamera's Fire Blast in a scrapped 2006 animated television series by Yoshitomo Yonetani.[20] Additionally, one of the original scripts for Gamera the Guardian of the Universe had Gamera firing a powerful, blue-colored fire blast.[21]
  • Gamera's Scorching Hand resembles both the Heisei Trilogy Gamera's Vanishing/Banishing Fist and Toto's Toto Impact.
  • Gamera's Charged Heavy Particle Cannon is somewhat similar to Avant Gamera's self-destruct, which also led to the birth of his successor. Additionally, Toto's Toto Impact, which is noted to use the same energy as the self-destruct, was also a beam attack at one stage of production.[22]
  • The additional jets on Gamera's wings while flying somewhat resembles the concept of Gamera in the 2015 short film being able to emit "boosters" (ブースター,   būsutā) from his shell to support his flight.[23]
  • While previous incarnations of the character possess attributes that use electricity, this is the first Gamera to visibly discharge electricity.
  • Gamera's spinning flight attack greatly resembles the Shell Cutter (シェル・カッター,   Sheru Kattā) technique used in Gamera vs. Phoenix and Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris, in which Gamera alters the edges of his shell and uses them to shred through his enemies.[24] It especially resembles its depiction from the former, in which Gamera used it to slice the Phoenix in two. It also resembles a scrapped idea for Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris in which Gamera's jets would form a ring due to increased rotation speed.[25]
  • Gamera's ability to produce energy shields on the surface of his body may be a reference to the similar ability of Godzilla Earth and Godzilla Filius. It also echoes a scrapped idea in Gamera the Guardian of the Universe for Gamera to emit a bioluminescence-like luster from the surface of his shell and produce an energy shield to repel Gyaos' Supersonic Scalpel.[26]
  • Katsuhito Ishii, director of the 2015 short film GAMERA, is credited in GAMERA -Rebirth- as the original designer of Gamera, and Gamera's initial appearance facing swarms of small Gyaos in the first episode strongly resembles that of his film.
  • The depiction of Gamera being healed by humanity strongly resembles Gamera the Brave, where humanity worked to make Toto grow against Zedus, another Gyaos-related monster in the franchise.
  • The psychic connection Gamera shares with Boco or another chosen one is similar to that of the Heisei Trilogy Gamera’s connection with Asagi Kusanagi and others who have held this connection.
  • This is the third incarnation of the character to perform either actual or ambiguous reincarnation after Gamera in Gamera Super Monster and Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera, and Avant Gamera in Gamera the Brave.
  • Gamera's hide changing to a dark black color when he becomes a destructive kaiju and enemy of humanity may be a reference to his debut film, Gamera the Giant Monster, which was shot in black-and-white and treated Gamera as a destructive monster in contrast to his later characterization. Additionally, the scene depicted an interaction between Gamera and a boy near a lighthouse, and Gamera intentionally murdered humans, further resembling the 1965 film.
  • In GAMERA -Rebirth-, Gamera lost one of his arms and was impaled through his chest and shell by Guiron, injuries he also received battling Iris in Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris.
  • This is the first major incarnation of Gamera to be fully portrayed by CGI.
  • The depiction of protagonist children having a hideout in a forest and finding a turtle in a pond may be references to Gamera the Giant Monster and the early draft of Gamera the Guardian of the Universe, which became the basis for Gamera the Brave.[27] Gamera's telepathy allowing him to share ancient memories to children is also akin to the early draft of the 1995 film.[28]
  • The scene of Gamera evading multiple missiles over the water echoes a draft of Gamera the Guardian of the Universe where Gamera was originally planned to shapeshift his arms into flippers to increase agility.[29]
  • The fireballs in the first main GAMERA -Rebirth- trailer in March 2023 were slightly different from the completed version.[30][31][32][33]
  • Gamera was originally planned to possess an "underwater mode."[34] Such a mode was also considered for Gamera the Guardian of the Universe.[35]
  • Like Gyaos, Gamera was at one point planned to have "fanged suckers" on the soles of his feet to support his movements.[36][37]


Making of GAMERA -Rebirth-: Gamera


  1. Ishii is credited for "Gamera original design."


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  34. 12/17(日)のイベントにて、ガメラの『水中航行形態』初期スケッチを使用したポストカードをお渡し決定💥💥更にトーク後、瀬下監督・髙濵さんのサイン会も全員に実施!!ぜひご参加ください。
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