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A Karasutengu in The Great Yokai War: Guardians
Alternate names Crow Tengu, Tengu
Species Bird-like humanoid yokai
Height 1.68 meters100M,[1]
1.53 metersAWG[2]
Weight 53 kilograms100M,[1]
42 kilogramsAWG[2]
Allies Other yokai
Enemies DaimonYMSW
Played by NC AkahideTGYW,
Takahiro MiuraTGYWG
First appearance Latest appearance
Yokai Monsters:
100 Monsters
The Great Yokai
War: Guardians
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Karasutengu ( (からす) (てん) (), lit. heavenly crow dog) are a kind of yokai from Japanese folklore. They appear in all three entries in Daiei's Yokai Monsters series, as well as their 2005 and 2021 reboots, The Great Yokai War and The Great Yokai War: Guardians. Karasutengu take the form of humanoid birds, as opposed to the other common variety of Tengu who appear red-skinned and with long noses.


Karasutengu's name literally translates to heavenly crow dog. "Tengu" serves as a category for a variety of different apparitions, most commonly Karasutengu and the long-nosed Daitengu.


Karasutengu's head in the Yokai Monsters series was originally modeled by Fuminori Ohashi for the Birdman from Suzunosuke Akado: The Birdman with Three Eyes (1958), and was later reused for a demon in Buddha (1961).


Showa era

Yokai Monsters: 100 Monsters

A Karasutengu was one of many yokai who took part in the climax, jumping around and dodging failed sword swings.

Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare

While the Karasutengu wasn't part of the main group of yokai that first attempted to fight Daimon, when Daimon's weakness was found and he cloned himself multiple times, the Tengu, along with many of Japan's other natural yokai and spirits, rushed to fight the invading Babalonian monster. When the real Daimon was found among the clones, the Tengu was asked to assist Aburasumashi and the Karakasakozo fly up and stab Daimon in the eye after he turned giant.

Yokai Monsters: Along with Ghosts

The Karasutengu was one of the many yokai to parade outside of the castle at the film's climax after taking part in tormenting the main antagonist.

Heisei era

The Great Yokai War

Many Karasutengu took part in the mistaken party on top of the antagonist's flying base, along with the other yokai and spirits of Japan.

Reiwa era

The Great Yokai War: Guardians

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Selected filmography


Main article: Karasutengu/Gallery.


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