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Trapdoor Crab
A Trapdoor Crab's model in Skull Island
Alternate names Trap Door Crab,[1] giant crabs
Species Giant burrowing crustacean
Place(s) of emergence Skull Island
Enemies Charlie, Mike, Annie, Rock Bugs, Dog
Written by Brian Duffield
Designed by Jung-Ha Kim[1]
First appearance Latest appearance
Skull Island episode 2,
"The Last Blank Space on the Map"
Skull Island episode 8,
"You'll Never Catch a Monkey That Way"
More roars
This island is terrible. I mean, have you ever even heard of giant crabs with trap doors?

Charlie (Skull Island episode 2, "The Last Blank Space on the Map")

Trapdoor Crabs are crustacean monsters that first appear in episode 2 of the 2023 Netflix Original animated Monsterverse series Skull Island, entitled "The Last Blank Space on the Map." They attempted to catch Charlie and Mike after they washed ashore on Skull Island.


The Trapdoor Crabs are named after trapdoor spiders, which similarly burrow themselves into the ground and create a 'trapdoor' for unsuspecting prey to walk on. This is referenced in Skull Island's second episode, with Charlie asking Mike if he's ever heard of crabs with trapdoors, to which he responds, "Crabs? No. Spiders? Yeah." The creatures are only ever referred to as "giant crabs" by Charlie, but Powerhouse Animation's model sheet gives them the name Trapdoor Crab.[1] The tweet revealing the sheet also offered the alternate spelling Trap Door Crab.[1]


The Trapdoor Crabs resemble giant crabs with large red claws. Their faces feature small orange eyes and two long, thin antennae. Their bodies are rounded and gray in color, with three pointed, segmented legs protruding from each side. They have fanged mouths which are concealed behind their mandibles.



Skull Island

"The Last Blank Space on the Map"
Mike being attacked by a Trapdoor Crab

After Charlie and Mike were marooned on the shores of Skull Island, a Trapdoor Crab rose from the sand and attempted to grab the former. Charlie dodged out of the way as another crab grabbed Mike by the leg and started dragging him closer to it. Charlie dodged the claws of several crabs and tried freeing Mike. The Trapdoor Crab grabbing Mike revealed its fanged mouth before the latter kicked its claw and broke free of its grasp. Several Trapdoor Crabs rose their claws and snapped them at the two in their attempts to catch them. Mike and Charlie then ran to a lone rock as the crabs burrowed beneath the sand.

Stuck on the rock, Mike grabbed a nearby seashell and threw it out in the open, alerting multiple crabs as they attempted to grab it. As Mike and Charlie conversed, a small crustacean walked along the sand before a Trapdoor Crab grabbed it and dragged it down. Charlie grabbed a Baby Rock Bug initially mistaking it for a rock and threw it out toward the crabs. Several Trapdoor Crabs rose their claws and snapped them at the Rock Bug as the creature dodged all of their attacks. The crabs then turned their attention to Mike and Charlie but quickly retreated beneath the sands.

Later, a Trapdoor Crab attempted to grab Charlie but was stopped by Annie, who threw a spear at it. Annie then threw a large stick near the crabs. Many of the crustaceans' claws emerged from the sand but were attacked by Annie using a harpoon. Several crabs attempted to attack Charlie and Mike as they attempted to flee. A crab knocked Charlie down with its claw and tried grabbing him, but was restrained by Mike. Charlie then fled and tossed the harpoon at Mike, who proceeded to repeatedly stab the Trapdoor Crab's claw. Angered, the crab fully emerged from the sand, only to retreat after hearing Kong's roar.

"You'll Never Catch a Monkey That Way"

As Annie and Dog lured Kong to the shores of Skull Island, several Trapdoor Crabs snapped their claws at them.



The Trapdoor Crabs are capable of using their claws to grab prey. Once caught, they use their claws to drag prey underground.


Trapdoor Crabs are able to burrow beneath the sands of Skull Island using their claws and legs.

Prey detection

The Trapdoor Crabs are capable of detecting prey within a close radius. However, this is limited to potential prey physically standing on the sand around them, as they were unable to detect Charlie and Mike when they stood on a rock.


The crabs appear to be weak to attacks from sharp objects, as shown when Annie incapacitated a crab using a spear and used a harpoon to injure several of the crustaceans.


Trapdoor Crab roars


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  • One of Annie's carvings seen on the beached ship in "Terms of Endearment" depicts her and Dog battling a crab-like monster. However, it is unclear whether this is a Trapdoor Crab.


This is a list of references for Trapdoor Crab. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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