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The Ceratopsian in The Last Dinosaur
Alternate names Prehistoric Rhinocerous, Uintatherium
Species Prehistoric Animal
Played by Suit
First appearance The Last Dinosaur
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The Ceratopsian (セラトプシアン,   Seratopushian) is a giant prehistoric creature that appears in the 1977 Tsuburaya and Rankin/Bass film, The Last Dinosaur.


Showa era

The Last Dinosaur

After arriving in the underground valley in the Polar-Borer, the members of the Thrust Industries expedition began to explore the area. Chuck Wade noticed a sound coming their way, and looked to see a Ceratopsian stampeding towards them. Francesca Banks got in the creature's way and started taking photographs. When it was moments from stepping on her, Masten Thrust pushed her out of the way.


  • Despite being described as a Ceratopsian in the film itself, the creature more closely resembles a Uintatherium, a genus of prehistoric herbivorous mammal that lived during the Eocene Epoch.


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