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Subtitle(s) Sub-Polar Exploration Ship
(極底探険船,   Kyokutei Tanken-sen)
Piloted by Chuck Wade
Launched from Mother 1
First appearance The Last Dinosaur

The Polar-Borer (ポーラーボーラ,   Pōrā Bōra) is a drilling vehicle that appeared in the 1977 Tsuburaya and Rankin/Bass film, The Last Dinosaur.


The Last Dinosaur

A specialized vehicle developed by Thrust Industries, the Polar-Borer was created to drill for oil deposits in polar regions. One Polar-Borer, Polar-Borer 5, accidentally dug into a huge underground cavern near the North Pole, and found itself in a lake in the middle of a lush underground world. The craft's crew left to explore and left the youngest member, Chuck Wade, behind to guard the Polar-Borer. Wade witnessed the crew being eaten alive by a Tyrannosaurus rex, then quickly escaped back to the surface. After Wade told his story to the media as well as the Thrust Industries CEO, Masten Thrust, himself. Thrust announced that he would form an expedition team to bore back into the underground world and observe the Tyrannosaurus. Thrust, along with Wade, Dr. Kawamoto, a tracker named Bunta, and a photographer named Francesca Banks boarded a Polar-Borer and were dispatched from the oil rig Mother 1 and began to dig back to the underground world.

As expected, the craft bored through and surfaced in a lake. The crew disembarked and established a base camp before tracking the Tyrannosaurus. Eventually, the Tyrannosaurus came upon the team's camp, then proceeded to destroy it and kill Dr. Kawamoto. The beast then grabbed the Polar-Borer out of the lake and brought it back to its lair, stranding the expedition. Months later, Wade came upon the Tyrannosaurus' lair and found the Polar-Borer. Using a makeshift pulley system, he and Francesca were able to bring the Polar-Borer back to the lake, where Wade immediately began to repair it. Francesca tried to convince Thrust to come with them back to the surface, but Thrust refused, as his obsession to hunt and kill the Tyrannosaurus had consumed him. After evading an attack from the Tyrannosaurus, Francesca returned to the Polar-Borer with Wade and departed for the surface, while Masten silently waved goodbye.


Drilling speed

The Polar-Borer is able to drill through ice and rock at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour, and travel in water at 67 knots.

Laser shield

The Polar-Borer can form a laser shield around itself, which allows it to more easily melt through ice while drilling.







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