Ruby Death Ray

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Ruby Death Ray
Ruby Death Ray
Height N/A
Targets Barugon
First appearance Gamera vs. Barugon

The Ruby Death Ray (ルビー・デス・レイ) is an experimental infrared lamp which first appeared in the 1965 Daiei Film Gamera vs. Barugon.


Showa era

Gamera vs. Barugon

Desperate to Barugon's path of destruction in Japan, the JSDF listen to Karen's plan to lure Barugon to Lake Biwa with a diamond to drone it. Every 1,000 years a Barugon would hatch from an egg in The Valley of The Rainbow, looking for precious gemstones eat, and Karen's ancestors would throw diamonds into a fresh water lake where they would drown. The plan was to dangle a 5,000 carat diamond from a helicopter and fly over Lake Biwa where Barugon would follow and drown, but when the plan was put into motion, Barugon seems to have no interest in the diamond and wonders off.

Once it was discovered that Barugon's accelerated growth and increased size was the result of being mutated from his egg being exposed to infrared light from Onodera's infrared lamp, Karen deduced that the diamond under normal conditions would not be brilliant enough to the mutant Barugon. A new plan was put into motion to use an experimental infrared lamp make the diamond more brilliant to the monster. The lamp blasted the diamond with the infrared rays, causing it to project and beautifully, dazzling blue light. To everyone's amazement and joy the plan was working. Barugon was following the lamp. As they got to the shore of Lake Biwa, they quickly loaded the lamp onto a boat and sailed out. But before they got far another boat sailed up them, driven by Onodera. Onodera open fire, injuring a soldier and boarded their boat, threatening to shoot anyone who interferes and demanded they hand over the diamond. With not other choice, diamond was handed to him. Onodera boarded his boat and fled but Barugon who reached the shore shot out his large chameleon like tongue and captured Onodera, swallowing both the man and the diamond whole. His greed being his undoing. Barugon turned around and left the shores of the lake. A new plan would have to be made to stop his rampage.


Infrared ray

The Ruby Death Ray uses an infrared light to make a diamond look like an enticing meal to the Barugon mutated by infrared light.



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