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Battra® trademark icon
Battra in Godzilla vs. Mothra
Battra Larva in Godzilla vs. Mothra
Alternate names Black Mothra, Battle Mothra,
Bad Mothra,G(A) Battora,[1]
Monster MG:PM[2]
Subtitle(s) Combat Beast of Destruction
(戦闘破壊獣,   Sentō Hakaijū)
Demon Beast of Destruction
(破壊魔獣,   Hakai Majū)[3]
Black Mothra
(黒いモスラ,   Kuroi Mosura)[4]
Destroyer from DarkG:BL
Monster MothG:BL
Guardian Deity of the Earth
(大地の守護神,   Daichi no Shugojin)G:TB
Dark Destruction Beast
(暗黒破壊獣,   Ankoku Hakaijū)MTG
God of DestructionGDF[5]
Species Dark divine moth
Length 90 meters (larva)[6]
73 meters (imago)[6]
Wingspan 180 meters[6]
Weight 20,000 metric tons (larva)[6]
30,000 metric tons (imago)[6]
Forms Larval stage, imago stage
Controlled by XiliensGI

Minette and MalloryIDW

Relations Mothra (counterpart),
Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu (love interests)GZM
Allies Mothra, Megalon, Destoroyah, RodanGKoM, TitanosaurusG:O
Enemies Godzilla, Mothra (initially), Mothra Leo, Rodan, Mechagodzilla, MOGUERA, Ebirah, MegalonGHCW, Kumonga, SpaceGodzillaG:O, King GhidorahG:C, TrilopodGRoE, King CaesarGRoE
Designed by Minoru Yoshida
Played by Ryu Hariken (larva)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla vs. Mothra Godziban
Larva:Imago:Godzilla Island:More roars
Cosmos: “Over 12,000 years ago, there was a guardian of the Earth named Mothra. At that time, there was an advanced civilization on Earth and the Cosmos were in perfect order. But then something terrible happened. Some scientists created a device to control Earth's climate. This device greatly offended the Earth.
Masako Tezuka: “Offended the Earth?
Cosmos: “The Earth is a living being. It can also be offended.
Masako Tezuka: “Since its climate was being controlled, it felt that it was in danger.
Cosmos: “Oh, yes it did. So it created the Black Mothra.
Takuya Fujito: “The Black Mothra?
Cosmos: “Yes, my friend. Battra was its name, and it was a very fierce beast. It destroyed everything and anything that was endangering the life of the Earth.
― The Cosmos explain the history of Mothra and Battra to Takuya Fujito, Masako Tezuka, and Kenji Ando (Godzilla vs. Mothra)

Battra (バトラ,   Batora) is a dark divine moth kaiju who first appeared in the 1992 Toho Godzilla film Godzilla vs. Mothra.

A dark counterpart of Mothra, Battra was created by the Earth itself 12,000 years ago after an ancient civilization created a climate-controlling device. Battra served his purpose and destroyed the device, but came to see all of humanity as a blight on the planet and sought to exterminate the human race. Mothra took issue with this and fought Battra in a battle that caused the utter destruction of the ancient world, finally defeating and sealing him in the Arctic Ocean. In 1993, a meteor impacted the Earth and reawakened Battra, who continued his ancient crusade against mankind. He attacked Nagoya in his larval form and eventually challenged Godzilla himself to battle, only to vanish after falling into a volcanic fault. However, Battra soon resurfaced in his imago form and traveled to Yokohama for a final clash with Mothra. When Godzilla arrived as well, Mothra and Battra decided to put aside their differences to fight against their common foe. Mothra and Battra successfully defeated Godzilla, but at the cost of Battra's life. Battra's only film appearance to date came in 1992's Godzilla vs. Mothra, though he has made appearances in official non-film media such as video games and comic books.


Main article: Gigamoth.
Gigamoth C Type (left) and B Type (right) concept art, presumably for Micro Super Battle: Godzilla vs. Gigamoth

The concept for Battra originated with Gigamoth C Type, a winged monster conceived as Godzilla's foe for the fourth entry in the Heisei series. In the story for Micro Super Battle: Godzilla vs. Gigamoth the creature was, despite its name, to be a bird mutated by radiation leaking from the robot Mechani-Kong as it battled Godzilla. Concept art of another creature, this one a giant larva, called Gigamoth B Type was also created. The story was shelved, but a creature named Gigamoth was included in a later proposal simply titled Godzilla vs. Gigamoth. In this story, Gigamoth hatched from the same egg as Mothra, but was mutated into a poisonous evil larva by nuclear pollution. The creature was to do battle with both Godzilla and Mothra in its larval and imago stages and attempt to lay eggs and reproduce. Numerous pieces of concept art for this version of Gigamoth were commissioned, some bearing a close resemblance to Mothra and others going in a radical new direction and resembling a bipedal mantis. Ultimately, the Gigamoth concept was tweaked into a dark counterpart to Mothra named Battra, who was an ancient deity rather than a mutation and an anti-hero rather than a villain.[7]

Battra larva concept art

Battra's final design was created by Minoru Yoshida, and the suit and props were modeled based on a "replica" of the design. The modelers were instructed by Toho to make the monster's design "flashy," and as such the larva and imago were both made very colorful. Special effects director Koichi Kawakita stated that Battra's imago stage was portrayed using props while the larva was portrayed using a suit worn by "Hurricane" Ryu Hariken because the imago's movements were more "monotonous." Only one suit was created for Battra's larval stage, and was composed of two halves which could be separated or rejoined depending on what the scene required. Some shots required the suit's lower half to be removed because its feet interfered with Hariken walking. The larva's long tail had a built-in wheel system which allowed it to move independently, and for scenes of Battra swimming the suit was filmed with no actor inside and mechanisms causing the wheels to move. There were two imago Battra props, both with radio-controlled moving parts: a ten-shaku (3.5 meter) and a three-shaku (1 meter) prop. Most action shots from the film's final battle utilized the smaller of the two props.


Battra's name comes from the common Japanese practice of shortening two words to make one; in this case the combination of the Japanese spelling of Battle Mothra (バトルモスラ,   Batoru Mosura), as described in the Super Godzilla video game manual. Battra is also referred to as the Black Mothra (黒いモスラ,   Kuroi Mosura) at one point by the Cosmos in Godzilla vs. Mothra, a nickname which is also listed as the monster's subtitle in some publications.


Like Mothra, Battra has both larva and imago forms. Battra's imago form has a predominately black body with very large wings that have patterns of red, black and yellow. He also has yellow horns on his head, six legs, and red eyes which glow purple when firing his beam, as well as a red line which runs down his body's sides.

His larval form is mostly black but with a lot of yellow and a dark red underside. He also has a giant horn, similar to Destoroyah's, which is yellow and glows when he uses his beam attacks, and two tusks on each cheek. Battra's larval form also has bigger, more powerful legs than Mothra's larval form, which are yellow and horn-like. Much like his imago form, his eyes are red. Battra's larval form is also, physically, much larger than Mothra's, being almost as large as Godzilla himself.


Battra is solely concerned with the defense of the Earth, and will do whatever he can to protect it. Unlike Mothra, Battra sees humanity as a blight on the Earth that must be destroyed if the planet is to survive. Battra has made it his mission to eradicate the human race, which puts him into conflict with Mothra. However, despite his typical personality, he has occasionally shown heroic traits, as seen when he decided to help Mothra after Godzilla nearly killed her.


According to the Cosmos, Battra was created by the Earth itself twelve thousand years ago, when an ancient civilization created a climate-controlling device, which greatly angered the Earth. Battra's purpose was to destroy the device, but he went well beyond his purpose and eradicated the entire civilization, intending to wipe out all of the human race as well. Mothra challenged Battra and defeated him, sealing him in the Arctic Ocean.


Heisei era

Godzilla vs. Mothra

Thousands of years after being sealed in the Arctic Ocean by Mothra, Battra was awakened when a meteorite struck the Earth. Battra swam to the coast of Japan and burrowed, reappearing and attacking Nagoya. The JSDF fought Battra but were no match, and Battra left a wrecked city behind as he burrowed again. Battra appeared in the waters off the archipelago of the Philippines, where Godzilla and Mothra were battling. Battra knocked Mothra aside and engaged Godzilla, whom he deemed to be the bigger threat. The two monsters battled down to the sea floor in the Philippine Trench, where a volcanic fault opened up and swallowed them both, leading the JSDF to declare them both dead. But Battra and Godzilla lived on, as Battra appeared from the ocean depths and Godzilla rose from the crater of Mount Fuji. Upon metamorphosing from his larval form into his imago form, Battra flew to Yokohama to exact his revenge on Mothra. The sinister moth seemed to have an upper hand against his less violent counterpart, but soon, in the heat of the battle, Godzilla reappeared, and began to relentlessly attack them both. As Mothra battled with Godzilla, Battra intervened and rescued his counterpart. After a brief conversation between the two moths in which the two determined Godzilla to be the greater threat, Mothra and Battra teamed up to combat Godzilla together in defense of both Earth and humankind. Once Godzilla was defeated by their combined efforts, Battra and Mothra carried him out to sea. However, Godzilla, still conscious, killed Battra by biting into his throat, then attacking him with an atomic ray at point-blank range while he was being transported. Unable to carry both Godzilla and Battra's dead weight, Mothra was forced to let go, sending Battra's lifeless body and Godzilla tumbling into the ocean below. Mothra then flew in a circle and placed a seal over the final resting place of Battra, honoring his sacrifice. It was later discovered that an asteroid was travelling towards Earth. Battra would have traveled into space to destroy the asteroid, but because he was killed by Godzilla, Mothra had to make the journey instead, and departed Earth's atmosphere to begin the vital mission to save the Earth.

Godzilla Island

Battra is one of the many monsters controlled by the Xilien Zagreth, who sends him into battle against Godzilla and the other residents of Godzilla Island.

Battra in Godzilla Island

Reiwa era


A Battra larva, occasionally going by the nickname Bashu Bashu, appears in the series under the care of the dark Shobijin Luluvera, who tries to keep him from playing with Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu in order to stay on target with their goal of becoming stronger then Mothra.


Physical abilities

In his larval form, Battra is an extremely brutal combatant who attacks his opponents relentlessly. In this form, he possesses a massive, yellow horn which can be put to use as a battering ram or bludgeoning weapon. In his imago stage, Battra has developed three pairs of legs and can utilize them for grasping objects. While in his imago form, Battra sports yet more enhanced strength, being able to grab and throw large objects such as the Cosmo Clock 21 with ease when working together with Mothra. With the assistance of Mothra, Battra is capable of lifting and transporting Godzilla.

Prism Beams

The larval Battra fires prism beams from his eyes.

Battra is capable of firing orange electrical blasts called Prism Beams (プリズム光線,   Purizumu Kōsen) from his horn while in his larval stage. He can also fire purple prism beams from his eyes. However, these beams often fly wildly about, with Battra not appearing to have any precise control over their direction. The titanic larva can also create energy pulses from his massive horn as another form of attack.

The imago Battra fires prism beams from his eyes.

In his imago stage, Battra's single horn is replaced with three, smaller horns. These horns are incapable of releasing energy beams anymore, but Battra has developed more powerful optic prism beams in their place. Unlike the prism beams used in his larval form, the adult Battra has complete control over these beams, which also are far more powerful. By using Mothra's scales, Battra is also able rebound his prism beams towards opponents endlessly, making the technique far more accurate.


While in his larval stage, Battra is able to burrow. He demonstrates this ability when he surfaces in Nagoya after tunneling into the Japan coastline.


As a larva, Battra can swim great distances and also come onto land. While in the water, he was clocked moving at 56 knots. He is extremely destructive while on land and is a capable combatant in the water as well, easily throwing the larval Mothra aside and fighting Godzilla to a standstill on the ocean floor.


In his imago form, Battra attains flight at Mach 3 speed with his new wings, allowing for easier and more effective travel.

Energy projection

The imago form of Battra can release energy from his feet in order to subdue foes while in close combat. In the manga adaptation of Godzilla vs. Mothra, the dark insect can unleash damaging energy spheres from his horn, discharge energy through the stinger-like attachment on his tail, and instantly form his cocoon which also acts as a defensive shield.


Battra unleashing his powder on Godzilla

In episode 166 of Godzilla Island, "Baby Mothra Awakes," Battra briefly keeps Godzilla at bay with a orange-brown powder released from his wings. Battra also appears to have this ability in the PlayStation 2 version of Godzilla: Unleashed, but instead it works more like an energy shield, encasing his whole body with a red barrier shaped like him.


While Battra is mostly resistant to Godzilla's atomic breath, repeated blasts from it temporarily knock him out of commission during their battle in Yokohama. Battra is mortally wounded when Godzilla bites down on his throat, causing him to bleed profusely. Godzilla finally kills Battra by firing his atomic breath into the open wound.

Video games

Godzilla: Save the Earth

Battra makes an unplayable appearance in Godzilla: Save the Earth as a summonable airstrike, much like how Mothra and Hedorah functioned in Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. He will appear to assist any monster that collects the purple Atari symbol power up, and attacks the enemy monster with his prism beams. The Super X3 may appear instead of Battra if this power-up is collected. According to Simon Strange, Battra was in strong contention to appear as a playable monster in the game along with Hedorah, but was ultimately relegated to an airstrike. Battra would go on to be playable in the PlayStation 2 version of Godzilla: Unleashed, the third entry in Atari and Pipeworks' trilogy of Godzilla games.

Godzilla: Unleashed

Battra Imago in Godzilla: Unleashed

Battra appears exclusively in the PlayStation 2 version of Godzilla: Unleashed, where he is a model-swap of Mothra. He possesses the same attacks as Mothra, with his prism beams substituted for Mothra's silk in larval form and her antenna beams in imago form. Like Mothra larva, Battra larva's energy can only be replenished if he hits a yellow crystal, but he regenerates energy normally in imago form. Battra is a member of the Mutants faction.

Godzilla (PlayStation 4)

Battra Imago in Godzilla

Battra appears exclusively in the PlayStation 4 version of Godzilla as a playable monster, in both his larva and imago forms.

Kaiju Guide

Main article: Godzilla (2014 video game)/Kaiju Guide#Battra.

City Shrouded in Shadow

Battra is featured in the survival RPG City Shrouded in Shadow developed by Granzella and Bandai Namco for the PlayStation 4. He appears in his imago form and battles Mothra.


Godzilla vs. the Space Monster

When the Earth came under attack by King Ghidorah, Mothra and Battra put aside their differences to battle the space dragon. Together, they flew to Australia and managed to beat him into a retreat, with Battra tearing holes into Ghidorah's wings. When the alien Entity lead Troy Richmond and the military to the Isle of Harmony to destroy a Hunter D Nebula crystal transmitter, they were told could keep the aliens from relocating Earth after Ghidorah's defeat. Suddenly, Mothra and Battra attacked the team. After the crystal's true purpose as a bomb and a backup travel meteor for King Ghidorah was revealed, Mothra and Battra joined with Godzilla and the Monster Island kaiju for the final battle, sealing King Ghidorah into the crystal and sending him back to space.

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla

Battra's existence was first proposed by researchers who discovered the flesh of another kaiju containing moth DNA attached to one of Godzilla's severed dorsal plates. The researchers dubbed the creature the flesh belonged to "Monster M," but psychic children living in Japanese orphanages gave it the name "Battra." In the 2030's, the United Earth launched an investigation attempting to find Battra, believing him to be a monster that could potentially defeat Godzilla. However, the investigation failed to lead to Battra's discovery. In 2048, the shrine maiden Lira of Mothra's tribe revealed the existence of Battra to the United Earth. However, Battra had awakened before Mothra because he sensed the approach of Gorath, an asteroid bound to strike the Earth. Battra was subsequently killed by Godzilla, forcing Mothra to fight Godzilla by herself.[2]


Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Battra's corpse in Godzilla, King of the Monsters, alongside King Godzilla and Mad Oniyama's submarine

Following his death at the hands of Godzilla, Battra's lifeless body had sunk to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean and had frozen solid in the icy depths. Doctor Mad Oniyama used King Godzilla, who at the time was merely a pure clone of Godzilla, to locate Battra's body as part of his plans to enhance the clone with the DNA of three monsters, with Battra included among them. Commanding King Godzilla to break Battra's body free from the ice, Oniyama then harvested DNA from the body, using it to create King Godzilla's wings to enable the combination kaiju to fly.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters

Battra's egg was first discovered by the psychic twins Minette and Mallory after it washed ashore in France. Using their telepathic powers, the girls later killed soldiers who were preparing to destroy the egg with explosives, claiming that they could hear the creature inside "singing." After Battra hatched, the twins used their powers to gain control over the monster, who easily overpowered any and all military resistance with his Prism Beams. With Battra's help, the twins later claimed the deserted Paris for themselves as Battra wrapped himself in a cocoon on the Eiffel Tower. Sometime later, Rodan arrived in Paris and began to wreak havoc, chasing the girls to the Eiffel Tower when Battra finally emerged in his imago form. Battra chased Rodan throughout the city while firing his Prism Beams at him, though Rodan retaliated by shredding one of Battra's wings with his claws. Minette and Mallory demanded the kaiju cease their battle, prompting both to return to the ground with Rodan also falling under their influence. Deciding they wanted Godzilla under their control as well, the twins ordered Battra and Rodan to take them to the United States to claim the King of the Monsters for their own. After Godzilla and King Ghidorah were defeated by Mechagodzilla, Rodan and Battra arrived with the twins, though they found Godzilla too weakened to respond to their commands. Using Rodan and Battra to fly Godzilla to a nearby nuclear power plant, the twins instructed Battra to use his Prism Beams to destroy the plant and create a nuclear explosion, which successfully revived Godzilla. Unfortunately for the twins, the reinvigorated Godzilla used his atomic ray to blast them off of Battra’s back, unable to fall under their control. Battra and Rodan then engaged Godzilla, with Battra attacking Godzilla from behind, though the King of the Monsters managed to shake both kaiju off and threw them to the ground before stomping on them. Though Rodan was incapacitated, Battra recovered and fired his Prism Beams just as Godzilla fired his atomic ray. The resulting beam lock created an explosion that sent both kaiju flying back before burying them beneath rubble, knocking them both out.

Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths

Battra was one of the many kaiju living on Monster Island. On the island, the Elias served to maintain peace between the monsters and larger cosmic forces at work with the assistance of Mothra. Following the kidnapping of the Elias, the cosmic balance fell into disarray, which caused the monsters, including Battra, to leave Monster Island and converge on Japan. Soon, all the kaiju closed in on Tokyo, wreaking great havoc and facing off against each other and G-Force. After Detective Makoto Sato returned the Elias to Mothra, the kaiju stopped fighting and returned to their island in peace.


Battra escapes Monster Island in Godzilla

In South Korea, Battra attacked a military base, killing everyone stationed there with the sole exception of Claire Plangman. After Claire joined Boxer's Monster Kill Crew and successfully subdued Anguirus and Kumonga, the team targeted Battra next. Using Claire's Headache Beams, the team lured Battra into a massive electrified Kevlar net they had set up nearby, which incapacitated the monster and allowed the military to capture him. Battra was then relocated to Hunt Atoll, also known as Monster Island, where the rest of the kaiju that the Monster Kill Crew took down - Anguirus, Kumonga, and later Titanosaurus - were being contained. To prevent him from flying away, Battra was kept within the same electrified net that was used to capture him. On the island, world powers intended on finding ways to control and weaponize the captive kaiju. Before their plans could come to fruition, however, the monsters became increasingly agitated over something, and while officials could not determine the reason behind this change of behavior, the cause was revealed soon enough - an invasion of space monsters, including SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, Hedorah, and Monster X. Knowing his team was responsible for detaining Earth's best defenders, Boxer infiltrated Monster Island with the aid of Asuka Hikari and disabled the force fields to free the monsters, allowing Battra and the other kaiju to escape the island. Battra and Titanosaurus then journeyed to London to confront SpaceGodzilla. Battra initially engaged the space monster with his Prism Beams, but even with Titanosaurus' aid, SpaceGodzilla proved to be a formidable opponent for the two Earth defenders. Eventually, SpaceGodzilla slammed Battra into Titanosaurus while firing his beams, which electrocuted the duo and allowed SpaceGodzilla to escape.

Godzilla: The Half-Century War

Following the appearance of Anguirus in 1967, more monsters, including Battra, began appearing all across the globe. In response, the A.M.F. assembled more teams of kaiju experts, including a team dedicated to researching and combating Battra.

In 1975, Battra was among the many kaiju drawn to Ghana by a Psionic Transmitter created and activated by Dr. Deverich. In the ensuing chaos, Battra chased Rodan across the city before Deverich activated a master control switch on the Psionic Transmitter that summoned all the monsters to attack the power station it was housed in. After the building was destroyed, the monsters departed.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

Battra was classified as a "fire" monster in a cave mural on Infant Island.

In the wake of Mecha-King Ghidorah's defeat and their capture by the Russian military, the psychic twins Minette and Mallory summoned Battra to rescue them from a Russian military transport. After destroying the smaller planes, Battra tore the wings off of the transport aircraft and brought the hull to a small island, where he killed the remaining soldiers to free the twins. Once rescued, the twins instructed him to attack Infant Island and kill Mothra and the Shobijin, blaming them for the death of their mother during a battle between Mothra and Kamacuras many years prior. Upon arriving on the peaceful island, Battra immediately attacked Mothra, who was still recovering from an earlier battle against Destoroyah. Mothra attempted to fight him off as best she could with the aide of her larvae, but Battra overpowered her with ease while shrugging off all attacks by the larvae. After Battra threw Mothra down into a cave, the people of the island attempted to fight back, but Battra slaughtered them with his Prism Beams. Knowing the end was near, Mothra used her remaining strength to buy time for her larvae, the Shobijin, and the surviving islanders to escape the island. Using her eye beams and reflective scale attack, Mothra held Battra off as long as she could, but Battra soon finished Mothra off with his Prism Beams, killing her and causing all of Infant Island to erupt in a fiery explosion.

Following Mothra's death, the Shobijin and Mothra's larvae sought refuge on the Monster Islands, but the Shobijin warned them that Battra would not stop until they were dead. Soon after, Battra arrived on the islands and immediately attacked the larvae with his Prism Beams, though he quickly came under fire from patrol ships surrounding the islands, giving the larvae enough time to escape as Battra destroyed the fleet. Before Battra could follow the larvae, the Trilopods descended upon on the islands, capturing all of the islands' resident kaiju as well as Battra. Though Battra was temporarily incapacitated by a Trilopod who copied his characteristics and abilities, Minette and Mallory saved him by killing the Trilopod with their psychic powers. After the Trilopods abducted the remaining kaiju from the island, Battra eventually recovered, and journeyed to Okinawa with the twins to kill the Shobijin once and for all. Once there, Battra engaged a CKR team, who attempted to hold Battra off while Lucy Casprell and her team escaped with the Shobijin. However, Minette and Mallory stopped them, allowing Battra to corner the team until the sudden arrival of King Caesar thwarted their plans. King Caesar stomped Battra into the ground, but Battra escaped and attacked with his Prism Beams. King Caesar used his speed and agility to dodge most of Battra's attacks before pouncing on him and brutalizing him with his claws. Before King Caesar could finish him off, the arrival of a Trilopod hunting pod interrupted the fight. As the Trilopods emerged, King Caesar threw Battra at them to stop them from attacking Lucy and her team before directing his rage at the alien invaders. After Battra recovered, the twins ordered him to attack King Caesar while he was distracted by the Trilopods - only for Battra to abruptly abandon Minette and Mallory, evidently having shaken off their influence over him. With that, Battra left the twins to die at the hands of the Shisa and did not partake any further in the war against the Trilopods.

Godzilla: Cataclysm

Battra was among the many monsters who participated in a great monster apocalypse that led to the downfall of civilization. After psychic humans attempted to gain control over the kaiju, the monsters went berserk and rampaged through cities. During the chaos, Battra fired his Prism Beams at King Ghidorah and knocked him out of the sky. After King Ghidorah recovered, the two kaiju then fired their respective beams at one another, which decimated the remaining buildings in the vicinity and left Hiroshi as the sole psychic survivor of the cataclysm.

Godzilla: Oblivion

In the chaos that ensued in the wake of Earth-2 sending its monsters through an interdimensional portal, Battra emerged out of the ocean as the rest of the kaiju laid waste to the Earth. All of the monsters were later left behind as the humans left the Earth as it became covered by tiny robotic cells that served as interdimensional doorways.

Godzilla: Rage Across Time

During the Cretaceous Period, Battra battled Mothra in the air, firing his Prism Beams at her. Soon, their fight was interrupted by the arrival of Keizer Ghidorah, who dispatched both divine moths with his Gravity Beams.


Bashu-Bashu courted both Moshu-Moshu and Moshuu-Moshuu and faced their wrath once they found out about each other.

Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Battra

Battra emerges in Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Battra

In 2027, the quiet English town of Hackney-on-Sea was besieged by unexplained earthquakes and rising tides, coinciding with a recent rise in pollution. Soon after, bookshop owner Robbie and her friend Akemi happened upon evidence supporting Robbie's theory that Battra had been hibernating beneath the town after having disappeared 30 years prior. As Battra had been known to appear whenever the Earth was in danger and target those responsible for harming the planet, Robbie knew that they needed to find Battra before it was too late. With the help of a modified robot, Robbie was able to pinpoint Battra's location just as the monster erupted from the earth beneath a church. Over the next few days, Battra circled over the town, leading some to believe that he was here to rid the world of humanity. Fearful that Battra was preparing to destroy their town, Robbie believed that the only one who could help them was Godzilla - who, unbeknownst to her, was already on his way. Following Godzilla's arrival, Battra wasted no time in attacking Godzilla with his claws, but Godzilla retaliated by swatting Battra into an amusement park with his tail. Godzilla then fired his atomic ray just as Battra fired his Prism Beams, resulting in an explosion that knocked Godzilla back and gave Battra the edge in the fight. After electrocuting Godzilla with his touch, Battra fired his Prism Beams at the King of the Monsters and incapacitated him. With Godzilla defeated, Battra began destroying the town with his beams. As Robbie and her friends contemplated other ways to stop Battra, a woman named Kiki arrived and shared information about another protector monster who had a history with both Battra and Godzilla - Mothra - who the group later managed to summon to their location. Just as Godzilla recovered and resumed his battle with Battra, Mothra arrived to stop Battra. Akemi's robot began translating for Mothra, who explained to Battra that the town was the victim of pollution rather than the source. Mothra pleaded with Battra that Godzilla and the humans were not his enemies, and that peace was the way of convincing humanity to do better. Realizing that the humans of the town shared the same goals of a healthier Earth, Battra withdrew and left the town in peace - though Robbie promised that if humans did not change their ways, she would be willing to help him wage war against humanity in the future.


Main article: Battra/Gallery.


Battra's roar is a very slightly edited Rodan roar. However, in Godzilla Island, Battra's roar is actually Mothra's roar at a lower pitch.

Battra's roars
Battra's roars from Godzilla Island

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese Flagicon Hong Kong.png Cantonese 巴特拉 Baa1dak6laai1 Transcription of Japanese name
China and Taiwan Flags.png Mandarin 巴特拉 Bātèlā Transcription of Japanese name
Flagicon Israel.png Hebrew באטרה Transliteration of English name
Flagicon Russia.png Russian Батра Transliteration of English name


  • Within Godzilla vs. Mothra, there is a possible continuity discrepancy involving Battra. In the film, the Cosmos explain Battra's origins and his defeat at the hands of Mothra. They state that Battra's body (either lifeless or still barely alive) was deposited in the Northern Sea. Thousands of years later, in 1993, Battra emerges, in his larval form, from his Siberian ice prison and departs the Northern Sea, heading for Japan. However, the cave painting on Infant Island clearly depicts an imago Battra in combat with Mothra. This raises several questions about the nature of Battra himself, including a possibility of the Battra from 12,000 years ago being a different Battra altogether, and the 1993 Battra being a second creature created by the Earth's life force, probably from the remains of the original Battra. If they are, in fact, the same creature, then the fact that Battra emerges 12,000 years after his defeat, once again in his larval form, is a potential contradiction. It is possible that Battra can revert back to larva form at will, or that he is reincarnated somehow similar to Mothra, since she is depicted in her imago form on the mural as well, only to hatch from an egg in her larval form in the present day.
  • Battra is the only new monster fought by Godzilla in the Heisei series whose origin is not influenced by or related to Godzilla at all, instead being connected to Mothra.
  • In Super Godzilla, when the first Battra is defeated and Godzilla arrives to deal with the second Battra, Battra is said to be in a cocoon state, but the cocoon resembles a Battra larva.
  • Battra's head makes a brief appearance in Pacific Rim Uprising, during the scene where Hermann Gottlieb examines PPDC records in search of a match for the image Mako Mori transmitted.


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