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Hiroshi in Godzilla: Cataclysm #5
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Psychic (Former)
Related to Arata (Grandson)
First appearance Godzilla: Cataclysm #1
They were gone. The Monsters. Gone at last. And we prayed. Even those who were too young to remember the era of the kaiju offered their prayers... As if paying homage to ancient gods. Some prayed to Mothra for good fortune. Others called on Ghidorah to bring the rain. Still others believed Ebirah would bring plentiful fishing trips. Even I prayed. I did not believe the monsters to be gods. I knew better. But I prayed just the same. I prayed to Godzilla. I prayed... Begging Godzilla to never return. But... in my experience... prayers are seldom answered.

— Hiroshi on the kaiju in Godzilla: Cataclysm #1.

Hiroshi was a protagonist in the 2014 Godzilla comic Godzilla: Cataclysm by IDW Publishing.

Godzilla: Cataclysm

Issue 1

Twenty years after the downfall of modern civilization to a mass outbreak of kaiju, Hiroshi lived in a village in the ruins of Tokyo, where he was still haunted by memories of the final kaiju attack before they all vanished. Hiroshi believed that the kaiju would return, and one day when his grandson Arata, and his friend Shiori left the village to scout for supplies, they did.

Issue 2

Although Hiroshi did not believe the kaiju to be gods like his neighbors, Hiroshi still prayed to Godzilla that he leave them in peace and to never return, though he did not expect his prayers to be answered. After the people of the village felt the battle between Godzilla and Biollante, even though they did not know that was what it was, they began to fear that the monsters had returned, and talk of sacrifice began. At that time, Arata and Shiori returned and told Hiroshi that they had seen the monsters, and Hiroshi ushered them to his house to learn what had happened. After that, some families left the village for fear they would attract Godzilla, and others made plans to make human sacrifices. Hiroshi simply prayed to Godzilla that he leave them and their grave of a planet in peace.

Issue 3

The next day the village leader asked for volunteers for sacrifice, and Arata and Shiori recounted their encounter with the gods. Hiroshi then defended their stance by claiming that the monsters only wanted revenge on humanity, and that he had destroyed Biollante to make sure the earth and humans would never flourish again, amidst flashbacks of himself in his younger days being connected to a machine that tried to control the many kaiju. Hiroshi then deduced that the reason Godzilla was still active was because Shiori had saved some of Biollante. Hiroshi and the kids went to her house where Biollante had grown to overtake the whole interior. Hiroshi cut out the orange heart and took it outside to get it away from the village, but Megaguirus and a swarm of Meganula came down on the village. Mothra came to defend Biollante, but Godzilla arrived to destroy her.

Issue 4

In his youth, Hiroshi was part of a program that connected people to Monsters to try to control them through psychic ability, but it horrible backfired when all of the earth's monsters converged on the city. All of the pilots except for Hiroshi and one other were killed by massive feedback, and the two left the building, only for Hiroshi's companion to be crushed by a collapsing building. He then lead the kids ahead to get Biollante away from the fight that Mothra was losing. on the way, Hiroshi told his story to his companions, and Arata became enraged and accused Hiroshi of causing the Cataclysm. when they reached the harbor, Hiroshi's psychic ability triggered, and he became aware that Destoroyah was about to surface.

Issue 5

As Destoroyah approached, the villagers came to shore and Arata attempted to get them to safety, but Hiroshi told Shiori that it was too late because Destoroyah already knew they were there. Arata then cooled off and forgave Hiroshi, reasoning that no one man could have brought about the cataclysm, which inspired Hiroshi to pray to Godzilla to come and defeat the new threat, but as he prayed, a Scorpion Destoroyah drove a pincer through Hiroshi's stomach. Arata comforted Hiroshi as he died, and Mothra came to help Godzilla but was torn apart by Destoroyah's beam attack. After that, Biollante's tendrils sprung from the ground to pin Destoroyah down and Godzilla charged his red Atomic Ray which disintegrated the flesh on Destoroyah's head. He then retreated into the sea as Biollante took root and began to spread.


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