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Rakhir in Mistress of the Game
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Poacher
Related to None
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series
Played by Kirby Morrow

Rakhir is the main antagonist of the seventh episode of Kong: The Animated Series, titled Mistress of the Game.


Kong: The Animated Series

Mistress of the Game

Rakhir was a poacher in Africa responsible for capturing live prey for customers to hunt. While in a village, one of Rakhir's colleagues tried to sell a tourist named Lua a lion's tooth necklace. After she refused, Rakhir offered to gift it to her, but she was disgusted by the cruelty involved in procuring the teeth. Rakhir then attempted to whip her to assert his dominance, but she reversed his weapon on him and left him hanging by his ankles in a tree. His poachers found his failure amusing, and Rakhir snapped for them to get back to work. He then followed Lua into the jungle where he saw her conversing with An enormous ape. He then waited for it to disappear into the jungle to shoot Lua with a tranquilizer dart and load her into his jeep. When she awoke, she noticed the silverback gorilla caged in the back of his car. Rakhir revealed his intentions to hunt the animal, but assured her that his eye was on a much bigger prize. He then arrived at his clients' lodge, where he told them of the gargantuan gorilla they would be hunting. They were dubious, but Rakhir assured them that he had procured the perfect bait. They then drove to a canyon clearing where they tied Lua in between two trees and waited with tranquilizers for the gorilla to appear. It quickly did, and Rakhir ordered them all to fire. is clients were hesitant, but Rakhir simply took their guns and shot them himself. He even wet as far as to throw some spare darts by hand. After it was well sedated, Rakhir tied it up with rope and prepared to tow it away, but a voice identifying itself as the "jungle police" ordered them to halt their operation, and the ape began to attack, as Jason Jenkins had Cyber-Link Merged with it to become Mega Kong. Rakhir was apprehended as he tried to escape, and he was handed over to the authorities alongside his colleagues.


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