Takuya Sasaki

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Takuya Sasaki
Takuya Sasaki
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Captain of G-Force
Related to None
First appearance Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
Played by Daijiro Harada

Takuya Sasaki (佐々木拓也,   Sasaki Takuya) is a Captain of G-Force that appears in 1993 Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II.


Heisei era

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II

Upon the completion of Mechagodzilla in 1992, Sasaki was made leader of the Mechagodzilla team, and soon promoted Kazuma Aoki to be one of the machine's pilots, subjecting him to rigorous training in preparation and leading him through various exercises and simulations. When Godzilla came ashore at Yokkaichi in search of the newly discovered BabyGodzilla, Aoki was not at his post but instead tending to the infant creature. As such, Sasaki was forced to choose a backup pilot for Mechagodzilla, with him and the team flying to meet Godzilla near Kyoto. Godzilla was unable to repel the mech's attacks, and was floored by its Plasma Grenade before being knocked down and tranquilized. Mechagodzilla began electrocuting the monster with its Shock Anchors, but it was able to reverse the electrical flow, short-circuiting the machine and leaving the craft vulnerable. However, Godzilla merely pushed it aside before continuing to pursue BabyGodzilla.

Later, Aoki claimed he had merely been taking leave, but Sasaki had none of it and demoted him to parking duty. Aoki then managed to successfully propose ideas for the improvement of Garuda, and was made its pilot for the "G-Crusher" operation. During the operation, Sasaki commanded Aoki to distract the rampaging Fire Rodan, before him and Mechagodzilla's other pilots managed to defeat the pteranodon with the Plasma Grenade. Despite the victory, Godzilla emerged from the bay and began pummeling Mechagodzilla in close-quarters combat. Sasaki again contacted Aoki to tell him to distract Godzilla, and the latter managed to restart Garuda and combine with Mechagodzilla, repairing the damaged sustained. The powered-up Super Mechagodzilla quickly gained the upper hand, toppling and sedating Godzilla once again. Once Super Mechagodzilla's G-Crusher paralyzed the monster from the waist down by targeting it's second brain, Sasaki commanded the team to finish Godzilla, with the machine unloading its weaponry onto him. However, Fire Rodan was quickly revived by BabyGodzilla's call, and landed atop Godzilla before transferring his life force to him. Much to Sasaki's astonishment, Godzilla's second brain healed, with the monster rising to his feet as Mechagodzilla's armor was melted by the intense waves of heat generated. Sasaki and the crew were helpless as Godzilla began destroying the mech with his Spiral Heat Beam, knocking it into a building before exploding it. Though the onboard computer stated there were no survivors, Sasaki and the rest of the team exited the escape pod unharmed.



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