Akira Yuki

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Akira Yuki
Akira Yuki in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Major in G-Force
Related to Takaaki Aso (Former superior),

Chinatsu Gondo (Colleague)

First appearance Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
Played by Akira Emoto
Craig Allen (voice; English dub)
It’s out of fuel, refill it for me. (オイルが切れた。入れといてくれ。)

— Akira Yuki, handing Chinatsu Gondo his lighter inherited from Goro Gondo (Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla)

Major Akira Yuki (結城 晃,   Yūki Akira) is a G-Force soldier and the main human protagonist in the 1994 Godzilla film Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. He is committed to getting revenge on Godzilla for causing the death of his best friend, Colonel Goro Gondo, during the events of the film Godzilla vs Biollante.


Erratic and shabby, Yuki's vendetta against Godzilla has alienated him from many of his colleagues. He is inventor of the "Yuki's Special," which is no more than a bullet filled with blood coagulant fired at Godzilla from an ordinary rifle.

Yuki benefits from the friendships of Commander Takaaki Aso and Goro Gondo's sister, Chinatsu Gondo, who both maintain respect for him.

Despite his hatred for Godzilla, and generally abrasive personality, Akira Yuki is capable of kinder or heroic actions. This was best shown in his leading a rescue mission to save Miki Saegusa, despite his disagreement with the psychic over Godzilla's right to life. While he isn't especially fond of LittleGodzilla, he doesn't translate his vendetta against the creature's adoptive father onto the young kaiju.


Heisei era

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

Having swore revenge on Godzilla for the death of his best friend, Goro Gondo, several years prior, Yuki camps out on Baas Island to set up traps and weapons to try and kill the monster. These included minefields, gas canisters, and a special blood coagulant bullet. While on the island he'd met the growing LittleGodzilla. The young kaiju seemed quite fond of him and followed Yuki around, much to his chagrin. MOGUERA pilots Lt. Koji Shinjo and Lt. Kiyoshi Sato arrive on the island and Yuki recruited them to his efforts, to the objections of Miki Saegusa. Following a futile attempt by Yuki on Godzilla's life, LittleGodzilla is imprisoned by SpaceGodzilla. In sympathy, Yuki briefly calls off his pursuit of Godzilla.

After being assigned pilot of MOGUERA by former superior Commander Takaaki Aso, Yuki briefly neglects his post, along with Shinjo and Sato, to rescue Saegusa who has been kidnapped by the corporate mafia to exploit her psychic control over Godzilla.

Upon launching MOGUERA against SpaceGodzilla, Yuki immediately abuses his command to instead attack Godzilla. This results in him being knocked out and tied to a chair by Shinjo and Sato. Later when MOGUERA is fighting a losing battle against SpaceGodzilla with just Shinjo and Sato at the helm, Yuki awakens. He quickly regains self control and agrees to work with them, even benching his vendetta against Godzilla when the kaiju arrives to battle SpaceGodzilla. The MOGUERA pilots lead a successful campaign against the monster, destroying its power source and greatly damaging it. In retaliation, SpaceGodzilla cripples MOGUERA. After ensuring the safety of his copilots by ejecting them out an escape pod, Yuki rams what is left of MOGUERA into SpaceGodzilla to allow Godzilla to get the upper-hand. However, SpaceGodzilla's out of control energy was risking self-destruction and would take a large area with it. Yuki survived the collision, but was trapped in the escape hatch when Shinjo returned to save him against Yuki's orders. Miki Saegusa was able to use her telekinesis remotely to free Yuki from the broken escape hatch and he's pulled to safety by Shinjo. Safely retreated, they watch Godzilla avert SpaceGodzilla's explosion, saving Fukuoka and freeing LittleGodzilla.

After the battle, Yuki appears relieved of his obsession. Walking with Chinatsu Gondo, he admitted that Godzilla is an amazing creature, after all.



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